Monday, April 26, 2010

Farrah Sling C*rocs & 1st Flower Bouquet

I heart these. (Forgive me, but I've been dying to say that). It seems to be the current slang version of "I want these".

Unlike my other C*rocs, I would actually wear these in public. I love my old ones, but only wear them around the house. They are just too UGLY for me to wear in public. I won't even go to W*alm*art with them on, but I sure love to wear them on the deck or walking around the garden paths.

Do any of you own a pair of these new Farrah's? Are they comfy?

After work this afternoon I went out and spent about one hour of light raking and weed removal. Then I went and cut down a few stray bloomers and made my first fresh flower bouquet of 2010.

I even used the potting bench to assemble the bouquet.

I thought the color of this tiny johnny-jump-up was cute. Mine are usually more purple, so I did a double take when my eye caught the yellow face. I picked it so I could enjoy it up close.
I also cut a small handful of tiny grape hyacinths for the same reason.

There is not much of interest happening in my garden. It's getting desperate for water. You should have seen the dust fly as I was raking. I hope it's not going to be one of those dreaded dry summers. I would much rather have a cold, rainy one like last year!


  1. cute the bouquet...and the watering can is perfect to put them in...

  2. Flower bouquet is gorgeous as are the shoes, Zoey!
    It's getting quite dry here too. I felt the same about last spring and summer..while others lamented the weather I smiled but dared not say much:)

  3. Hi Zoey,
    Lovely to hear from you!
    Those are cute shoes.
    We have a mix of rain and snow predicted for tomorrow & Wednesday so there'll be no sandle wearing here just yet!
    It feels good to get out into the garden on the warmer days, doesn't it? I'm so happy to have the colors back! The tulips are opening now.
    Your little bouquet is so pretty. I have those same creamy white daffs.
    Happy Spring!

  4. They are cute shoes and I haven't seen them around yet. Not sure if they may be too high a heel as Brian gets mad when I get too close to his height.
    Love your water can arrangement too!

  5. Your flowers are so spring! Beautiful!
    I have never been a croc fan (I have a very narrow foot) but I was in a Croc store last month and was amazed by all the different styles. IDK if I say yours or not.


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