Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Umbrella Vase & Some Denim Delights

Is this not the cutest, most creative use of an umbrella you've ever seen?
It was in this month's issue of Midwest Living along with this watering can creation.

I think they are both simply adorable and I will probably be making them soon.

In the meantime I am still recycling slightly used jeans into handbags.
I made this one with leather accents first:

Last night I finished this tulip/denim handbag.
Can't you just see this one with denim capris, navy shell and pink jacket? Maybe some denim flip flops with 10 pink-topped toes....Ah, what fun I am having making these to coordinate with the clothes I already own. I hardly ever wear those jean jackets in the first picture...I rarely wear jeans, but I think that may change this year.

I am so happy to report that I received my 1 Cent USB cable from Amazon and it works! So now I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis. The cable postage was only $1.56, so I guess you guys were correct in saying they made their profit from the shipping ($7.49). But still it was a reasonable price and I am a happy customer!


  1. I love the umbrella...may have to try that...cute bag....can't wait to wear flip flops again...may even get a pedicure...

  2. What a nice way to give someone an umbrella..too cute:)
    Denim bags..I love 'em Zoey and what is this you say you rarely wear jeans?? I live in mine..or almost! I do get the stretch kind so those are ever so comfy and they look quite stylish

  3. Love the umbrella! Can't wait to see your version! Your demin totes are so cute! Great winter project. Jean

  4. Deb, If you do, please let me know. I want to be sure to see your version!

    Betty, I really don't find jeans that comfy. I need to find a nice soft pair. I find them way too stiff. I know I have had some with stretch that were much better. I think I outgrew those. :)

    Jean, I have been looking for an umbrella, but I don't have any nice spring colored umbrella. I might have to do one in black. We shall see.

  5. What clever decorations! Is that a full size umbrella
    Your purses are great and so you! I'm glad you found another way to use your quilting talents.
    Also glad you got your cable!
    I'm in a creative slump right now-hope to get that flowing again. I guess I have too many family, etc. matters going on too.

  6. so happy you are "back".

    The new bags are wonderful!

  7. Zoey, I want one of those bags please. Mom

  8. Love the paper piecing with denium! Your purses are really cute!


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