Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Get a Lot Done When I Can't Blog

I am still waiting for the camera cord. I got an email stating that it has shipped, so I am pretty sure it's not a scam. It said it would arrive between Feb. 28 and March 15. March 15! I hope it's not that long. In the meantime, I found a friend's laptop to use to pull up my pics without the cable.

I've been cooking a lot. Last Sunday I had an oven full of ribs, baked chicken,blueberry muffins and oven-roasted carrots.

There is nothing like an oven roasted carrot--they were like eating candy!

All I do is toss with a bit of vegetable oil, salt and pepper and bake in 350 - 400 degree oven. This time I used 350 since that's what the other items needed. I had them on the top shelf before I put the ribs in.

We've been eating this food all week. I won't have to cook until Friday night when I have to do fish.

No cooking during the week gives me more time to play after work. I made this handbag

and am now working on some denim projects. I can't believe that this week is almost over already!


  1. cute bag...the carrots look yummy

  2. You have the cutest projects going. And the carrots look so delicious..candy you say?? I'm in..

  3. Oh those carrots look so good, even at 11:36 PM. I know I should go to bed, but the ice skating just got over, and then I had to catch up with all my gfriends blogs!


  4. Those carrots look so good and I will have to try them in the oven like that. I love doing them on the barbecue as well because they turn out similar to that and so sweet. Throw me blueberry muffin please! hehe

    Regarding the map I had on my blog, there is about 200 miles between you and I. So, it's not that far away really:-) Hopefully will be making my way up over there one day soon!! xoxo

  5. Love the bag-pretty design and colors. Marie Osmond is selling similar things including make-up bags, etc.
    I'm going to roast some potatoes tonight! I love roasted veggies-I use olive oil though. Veggie oil doesn't agree with me too much an EVOO is better for your heart health.


  7. Thanks for the link, Dianne. I did not realize that she was into fabric accessories now.


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