Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These Spring-like Temps Have me Ordering for the Garden

For the past two years I have been wanting a black (really it's dark purple) elephant ear plant. I could not find one any place in my town. So when I got Breck's offer today, I immediately ordered this collection:

I will get one each of the following varieties:

Hilo Beauty - heart-shaped leaves in a unique camouflaged pattern

Black Magic - mysterious dark purple foliage up to 2 feet in length

Persian Palm - serrated leaves up to 42 inches long pointing outward

As an added bonus, they include a free Polly Elephant Ears. They are small; just 18inches or so high. I already have one of these in a combination planter I bought last year and keep inside. I did not know what it was until today.

Elephant ears go quite nicely with my other tropicals -- cannas and calla lilies.

If I spent $50, I got $25 off, so I also ordered another Rembrandt Dahlia collection.
It was basically free - just tax and shipping.
I really enjoyed the splotchy paint-like splatters on the ones I got two years ago.

So now I am gung-ho on planting the deck containters. It's still two months away for me, but it will go by fast. I probably won't be buying any annuals again this year because I won't have room for any.

Anybody else ordering flower bulbs, corms, etc?


  1. Haven't thought about planting flowers or anything else for that matter..oh actually I do have a small aro-garden inside where I've been growing herbs and now planted tomatoes a week ago. Does that count as gardening?? lol
    Zoey..I like the plants you chose..they will be gorgeous in summer..I can hardly wait to see what your garden will look like this summer.

  2. I've never seen the purple elephant cool...

  3. I didn't order any flowers this year.
    the newly retiree in the house has seeds sprouting in cup on my dining Table. tomatoes and peppers. We'll see how his first garden goes!.

  4. Awesome! I was eying up bulbs on Wednesday at the Christmas Tree shop. I have lots of mess to clean up this year from all the snow that crushed things and broke too many limbs off the trees.

  5. I've ordered a few things too. A new clematis, and some scented geraniums for two terra cotta pots that I have. I have had elephant ears before. I put them in the center of one of my whiskey barrels and they grew so big. I had so many lovely comments on them. Hope you enjoy them. They should be stunning...Balisha

  6. The elephant ears are easy to grow from cuttings. They will send out runners like a philodendron and by placing these in water they will develope roots. I have the black ones and two different green varieties in huge pots and over winter them in my MI basement. I've kept cuttings in water all winter so you don't have to store them in pots to keep them going. They are one of my favorites.


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