Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Been a Hallmark Day

I just finished watching Jack Lemmon in The Long Way Home.
on the Hallmark channel.

I enjoy senior citizen movies.

Now I am watching, Annie's Point with Betty White, Amy Davidson and Richard Thomas.

Her work-a-h0lic son is trying to put her in a retirement home, but she has other ideas. She and her granddaughter take off across country to California to spread her recently-deceased husband's ashes according to his last wishes.

I am just 23 minutes into the movie, but it looks like another enjoyable there-is-still-life-after-age-70 movie.

Earlier this morning I set the dining room table for Easter.

Remember those bunnies I painted a few weeks ago?

Here they are in their new bold colors. I like them. It's a change from the previous pastel colors.

I posted the full table on my tablescaping blog here.


  1. I don't recall that Jack Lemmon Hallmark movie. He was such a great actor. And Betty White is having somewhat of a comeback!
    I think your quilt looks lovely. You are too hard on yourself. You don't like the stitching part from the sewing machine?
    The bunny and table look just right for Easter.

  2. both good movies...your bunnies are cute..


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