Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bonus Free Night

Just before I left work, DH called and said he would not be home until after 7:00 p.m. He said he would stop and pick up a burger for dinner. I passed on the burger--I am not too fond of burgers.

Whoo hooo---no cooking tonight! I hate making dinner on weeknights.
So I got home about 3:30 p.m. It was a balmy 61 degrees, so I thought I would walk around the Ponderosa (DH's name for my large gardens) and squirt some deer repellent on the emerging tulip foliage.

I mixed up a batch of the repellent and headed out. I got to the first bit of tulip foliage and began to squirt.........nothing happened............I tried again and again.........nothing. I took the nozzle off and went inside and washed it out. I could get water to come through from the kitchen sink, but when I went outside.............nothing...........darn! I decided to use that red Folgers coffee can and just dump a bit of the repellent on the tulip foliage........tomorrow I will have to have DH check it out.

I came inside and decided to have a beverage. V8 Fusion sounded good--Goji Raspberry --Yum....veggies and fruit never tasted so good. I drank it in a Z-stemmed martini glass, which made it taste even better. In my opinion a stemmed glass makes every beverage taste better!

Since the weather has been so nice, I decided to paint my toe nails. I may be wearing sandals before I had expected this year. While they dried, I decided to make my dinner...............
Tortilla chips and Ragu cheese sauce....YUM! Since the chips are multi-grain, they must be healthy, right?

Yesterday I wore my hair up again. This time I used three spring flower barrettes as my hairdo garnish.........
I am having fun with my longer hair. It usually only lasts a few months and then I can't stand it any longer and I get it all cut off. It's fun while it lasts though....

It's almost 6:30 p.m. and DH will be home soon. I guess I will go and make him a nice salad to go with his would be the good "wifey" thing to do, don't you think? He loves salads.

update 6:52pm:
I made him this big salad:

He should be home any minute. I hope he likes it!


  1. salad looks really your hair up..

  2. You don't like burgers? Wow-I guess you need to have a Five Guys burger to change your mind. I am picky about them myself.
    If you cut your hair, you can't weary it up and show off your snazzy hair decor.

  3. Zoey..I love burgers esp home bbq'd ones with a salad of course! But then I also love those tortilla chips with cheese sauce:)
    I like the spring flower barrettes in your hair!
    Hope the deer know to stay away from your Ponderosa!

  4. Well I had my hair appt today. I told her do VERY little trimming, I am getting use to this long stuff. In fact I wore it up to town for the first time today.
    I was the good wife too, I brought home dinner tonight. Chinese carryout!

  5. You are too funny....this swwms exactly how may day alone would go. Those cinnamon rolls look too gooood!! I am new to the 'blog' but yoou must see a cuff watch much like yours(different color) is perfect for spring and summer!!! I will post a picture as soon as I learn how.


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