Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Fun I am Having with These Bags

Thank you all for the kind comments on my last post! I am finding it very rewarding to make bags to match individual outfits. I have not actually used any yet, but they are fun to design and sew. They are not the kind of bags I would take to work, but I think I will have a ball using them for my leisure activities this spring/summer.

I was surprised to see a comment from my Mom asking for a bag. Yes, Mother, I would be happy to make you a handbag. Just let me know which color tulip you would like. I can be your personal handbag designer---Look out Louis Vuitton--Zoey bags may soon be all the rage!

Since I am answering questions in this post, I shall answer one more:

Yes, Dianne, that umbrella seems to be full size. If anyone makes one of these, please let me know. I would love to see what yours looks like! Of course, if I do make one, I will let you know how it turned out.

I ordered a safari print jacket this week. It has not arrived yet, but I printed its picture and began searching my stash to see what I could find to make a coordinating handbag.

I found all of this stuff that I think will work--animal print fabric, leather, black bead trim
and even a black boa! I just might run that around the top of the bag. I even have handles that are perfect - black and bronze beads.

So far I have only been looking for items to use -- I have not even begun to make the bag. I'm still in the mental designing mode. I probably should wait until the jacket arrives before going further. Sometimes the colors are quite different when I get the jacket than they looked on my monitor.

So far this week I have made two bags and have all the materials to make #3 and I have not had to go out and buy a single thing! I love using up my stashed items--especially all those handles I bought last fall when Joanne's had a 50% off sale. I have almost used them all up. I hope they have another sale soon!


  1. I love that Zoey really should start your own line...catchy name...I love that your Mom ordered one...

  2. Zoey Bags...I think it sounds perfect:-) If you ever start selling them, let me know!! I'm always in awe of the beautiful work you do. I had to smile at your mom leaving a comment asking for one of the bags! lol

    On your previous post you showed pictures of an umbrella and water can decoration...omigosh, how adorable both are! Often at the auction they have vintage umbrellas, I think next time I will bid on one to make such a door decoration!!

    Hope you're getting this Spring like weather that we're having here:-) xoxo

  3. Zoey Bags sounds perfect!
    So sweet to make your mom one.
    I'm with Pea, a vintage umbrella would be beautiful. I have a small doll umbrella!
    That's a 'wild' jacket. Like what you pulled to accessorize it with.


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