Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is Here, so I Thought I Could Wear My Big Bold Hair Flower

What do you think?

Is it too bold?

I must say I like it, but sometimes I wonder if I am the only person in the world who does! :)
I am at that stage of life, where I no longer worry (much) about what everyone else thinks. Although, I must admit, it would please me to no end to know that the rest of the world is not laughing hysterically at my latest hairdo.
This is what we had for dessert last night:

It was delicious!
I have not baked in quite some time. But really why should I bother when what I buy tastes better?
I think the last thing I baked was blueberry muffins, which I thought were terrible. I tried some Internet recipe which had a lot of brown sugar in it. I remember thinking that the brown sugar would make the muffins did and I didn't like them at all.
This little cake is tasty and just the right size for two people. I may give up baking.


  1. The flower looks cute and great with your outfit! Wear it with pride.
    Yum...Pepperidge Farm things are so good! We use to have an outlet within half an hour, but it's gone now.

  2. Dianne, Thanks. Your comment makes me feel better.
    Ooooooh, a P. Farm outlet would be wonderful! I don't eat too many sweets (more of a salty snack type), but when I do, I like good stuff! I can't see wasting the calories on so-so stuff.

  3. I love the daughter bought a couple of headbands with big flowers on them..really cute..

  4. I love the flower! And I'm enjoying your blog as well! Lots of great ideas and beautiful pics!

  5. I like your flower and I like your ponytail. I myself at 58 years old wore one today to work!

    As for the cake, I will have to try it. I usually buy the smae brand, but in white coconut. My girl friend and I buy it for each others birthday!

  6. I am not laughing fact I think the flower is adorable and goes well with your ponytail!
    Wear it with pride!


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