Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Right Bambi - It's War!

I am bringing out the big guns - well, O.K. it's just a big spray bottle of diluted Hinder, a deer repellent. But it usually works as long as I keep spraying every time it rains.

Just look at this yew bush!

I have three of them just like this one--hardly any needles left. The smaller green one next to it was covered with snow all winter, so they did not get that one.

Last year I had no deer problem, but now that they have found my diner again, I am in big trouble. They will eat every hosta, lily and tulip as it comes up. I planted a bunch of new tulips and lilies last fall and will be heartbroken if they consume them before I even get to see them bloom.

We've been having nice spring weather (high 50's). I spent an moment or two after work yesterday considering whether I felt like raking a flower bed or two... Naahhhhh, maybe later this week.

I think I have enough handbags/totebags for a while, don't' you?

I made or bought all of these since December! There are three others that did not make it into the picture.

I still felt the need to sew a bit, so last night I worked on a few hot pads for my mother-in-law.

I have a few loose ends to finish up on some projects, then I will be ready to start gardening!


  1. Good luck with the deer! I am looking forward to seeing your new tulips, etc.
    Wow, look at the lovely bags! It's great to be able to pick and chose to match your outfits.
    Nice hot pads-I have one from you too I can't get dirty-it's too pretty!

  2. LOVE your hotpads!!!! What a great idea - a way to utilize blocks that strayed too far from a quilt! I do feel for you and your plight with the deer. We are surrounded by orchard, so there is plenty of food, but they always have an eye out for my succulent lily buds, etc. The liquid fence works well, if you can stomach the odor.

  3. Youa re all set with those adorable purses!

    I'm afraid we are going to need some of your deer repellant. this will be hubby's first garden here near the woods.

    And since we have a deer feeder 100yards away from the garden I'm sure they will snack there too.

  4. Your purses look wonderful Zoey..yep no shortage there:) And do use up everything..good on ya! I thought we had a 'hunter woman' in our midst and then all it was..a spray bottle!! lol Sure hope that works though as I too am waiting to see the new blooms.
    Have a nice day..

  5. So sorry your deer are back. We've had great weather too and I am anxious to get outside. Seems pretty early for spring so I don't want to get too excited. Jean

  6. The deer got several of my bushes too-holly, rhododendrons, yews and yucca. I wonder if they will come back!


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