Monday, March 15, 2010

I Planned a Container Combo for this Season

I was sorting through some papers I need to file away and I came across this picture I cut out of a gardening magazine. I may have shown you this one before. I think it is a gorgeous combination.

As I admired it all over again, I realized that I had just ordered one of those big black elephant ears! Whoo hooo....I am going to create a look alike of this planter. I even have a container in a similar blue color.

This one....

I think it will work, though it's a bit smaller than I would like.

Now I just need to find some Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'). I think I saw it for sale around here last year. Of course that does not mean I will find it now that I want it. I often buy a plant and the next year it's no where to be found. I guess I could use any plant with grass-like foliage in a chartreuse color...of course, I can't think of any other..........can you?

I am really beginning to get excited for planting time!


  1. Well you subconsciously bought the vase and ordered the plants because of clipping that photo! Had to.
    It is very unusual.

  2. Zoey..that will be one lovely planter..I like the colors!


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