Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a Picturesque Location for a Post Office & A Healthy Dessert

I just happened to have my camera in the car when I went to the post office--a plain Jane unadorned old building that I've been to hundreds of times. This time I took a few moments to appreciate the beauty of its location. In fact, I got right out of the car and walked up to and on that bridge to take pictures.
It seems like such a waste to use property with a view like this for a post office that has no windows facing this side. A much better use would be a big house with lots of windows that I could live in! :)

What made me turn into the post office in the first place was the view on the backside. Any idea what this is?
If you live in a cold-weather state, you probably recognize this huge pile of road salt. It reminded me to enjoy the beautiful weather today, because it won't be long before this salt is dumped by truckloads on to the cold, icy roads of my county.

I made the most delicious healthy dessert (now there's an oxymoron) and it was way too easy.

I put a good-sized spoonful of brown sugar and a splash of diet 7-up in a ramekin then added a red Anjous pear (artfully striped). Not only does the removal of a few strips of skin look pretty, but it gives a place for the spoon tip to cut easily through when you are enjoying this seasonal delicacy.
I baked them at 350 for about 1.5 hours.

The liquid caramelized and---oh, boy, it was good!

Now that I am remembering the experience, I want more. I will have to ask DH to buy some more on his grocery shopping trip later this morning.


  1. Yummo, pears are such a wonderful fruit and very high in fiber. Leave it to me to look at the healthful side of food! "-)

  2. Oh Zoey - GORGEOUS pears! Just the thing to take over to mom's for dessert - thank you!!! When I saw that mountain of rock salt my New York State heart stood still, remembering .... oh dear. And it will arrive!!!!
    P.S. what role does the soda play?

  3. Boy and I hungry now! those pears look yummy!
    and that pile of salt makes the piles around here look like ant hills.Thanks for sharing your town today.

  4. That is a lovely place for a post office! Wow, that is a very large heap of salt! We have these domed buildings off of Rt 1 here that store salt and equipment-they look like tepees a bit.
    And the pear did look scrumptious!

  5. Now this looks amazing, Zoey..I want one now! I must put pears on my grocery list.

  6. I loved the rest of your pics too..


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