Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I had a Tulip for Dinner

I was alone for dinner tonight, so I decided to fuss a little and came up with a new twist on a simple ham/cheese sandwich.

This fussy sandwich is not really something that my dear husband would appreciate, so tonight was the perfect time to make it.

Some people can't imagine doing something like this just for themselves. I think I deserve a little something special -- and if nobody else is going to pamper me, then I have to do it myself!

Doesn't this look much nicer than two pieces of bread cut in half?

It was very quick to do.

I used a tulip cookie cutter to cut the bread, ham and cheese. then I stepped out on the deck and cut some chive stems.

I washed and dried them, then searched the refrigerator for something to accent the sandwich with. I was looking for olives, but didn't have any. I decided sweet pickles would work. I just cut them into leaf shapes.

The orange plate was a nice background. I had to have a medium dark plate--white would not show off the flower and a dark plate would not show the dark green leaves.

I put a few potato chips around the plate....gotta have that chip crunch with a sandwich.

I ate my light dinner while reading a book on Halloween decorating.

It was a most enjoyable meal.


  1. Now isn't that the sweetest thing! I love that you pampered yourself.
    The sandwich looks almost too good to eat..so pretty:)

  2. Hi Betty,
    Thank you for the nice comment. The sandwich was quite good!

  3. That looked so pretty! We had good ol' messy Chili Dogs and corn on the cob.
    That's neat about your boss coming to PA for a car show. He may have been not too far from here as there is a convention center about 45 min-1 hour away. Too bad people refer to Philly as 'filthadelphia'. That's what they say when they come in on the plane, not much a pretty entrance of swampy lands and haze of the city. Most of the state is pretty though.

  4. I did a search and a Corvette show was in Carlisle-I was right-about an hour or so away, above Lancaster, near our state capital of Harrisburg. It is nice there.

  5. Good for you Zoey, to take the time and care to treat yourself!!! That is really inspiring to me as I often eat alone - the Go-To-Guy travels a lot and I won't even tell you how unbeautiful some of my solitary meals are!!! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Your creativity never fails to astonish me! As my grandson says "you rock"!

  7. How sweet that you treat yourself to a special meal. We should all do that more often.


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