Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Garden Views

Remember those colchiums on the shovel I showed you a few days ago? This is where I moved them to--right next to the walking path. That way I can enjoy their cheery little faces every time I walk by. I plan to move more here as soon as they appear in the rock garden. Notice the color of the Sedum Autumn Joy. ..It's in phase two of its color progression.

Here is a peek at the main arbor through the asters which are next to the second arbor. Sally, they do like pretty here, don't they? That's why I said I have a love/hate relationship with them. In some areas they look nice, in others they look like weeds. I guess I just need to work with them and make sure they are planted in the areas that show them to their best advantage.
Here's a long shot of these gardens: You can see quite a few Black-eyed Susans.

And a bit further back.And further back yet to the right--almost to the end.

It is very hard to get a picture of the full area and all the little gardens that make up this garden area. I usually show you the areas near the arbors, because that is where I plant my favorites--along the three walking paths.
I have so many more gardens than I usually show. I think you can see how I am getting overwhelmed caring for all of them. I am trying to eliminate everything that now is more work than joy. It's a big job!


  1. It's all looking beautiful, Zoey, but I can also appreciate all the work it takes to take care of so many flowers! Just love all the purples showing up in your gardens right now, along with the yellow...Black Eyed Susans are one of my favourite flowers:-) I need to move some of my lilies and irises so hopefully will get to them this you say, it's not the time to move them but I'm like you and move them whenever I want! lol xoxo

  2. I always enjoy seeing your en masse plantings. Your garden remains one of my favorite blogger gardens.

  3. Hi Pea,
    I think it's the perfect time to move lilies and iris. Good luck!

    Thank you. What a kind comment.

  4. Your garden is so beautiful this time of year. My 'susans' are all done and not much else left. I enjoy seeing the long shots. Jean

  5. I see the movable feast that is your garden is still looking beautiful.

  6. the stepping stones are just juicy!

  7. Your Sedum Autumn Joy is looking beautiful..mine is not that bright color yet..
    Once it's too much work you know to lose the enjoyment and then what's the purpose right? Your garden is gorgeous and it would be nice to stroll through it.

  8. Your gardens look lovely during all the different seasons. The Autumn Joy really stand out nicely.

  9. I see you love pinks and purples. Some nice ones that might fit in are the blackberry lily, blazing star, and blue violets. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!


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