Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Urge to Purge

This is the fourth box of magazines I have thrown away in the past two weeks. I did mention I was a mag addict, didn't I?

I used to get something like 15 subscriptions, but I have been letting them all expire and now I would guess I have about 6.

My urge to purge was enhanced because we got a new hot water heater installed today. That meant that someone had to go down to my basement. There is nothing like embarrassment to bring on my desire to tidy things up a bit!

Today was also garbage day. I have been adding at least one extra box of junk to the garbage each week for the past month.

One week I tossed a couple bags of clothes. That's another item I buy all the time. While I am pretty much over the excessive magazine subscriptions, I am still a compulsive clothes buyer.

Sometimes I take stuff to the Salvation Army. But I really prefer just to toss them. Thrift stores are way too particular these days. They want items in season, in near perfect condition, and they don't even pick up anymore. It's way too much work for me to box them up, make sure they are in season, find time to haul them over when we both work every day, etc. Forget it. I usually just toss them out now.It's much easier to haul to the roadside and let my garbage service pick them up.


  1. Where I live, Goodwill Industries has never been picky about donations and accepts all of them regardless of the season. They also employ people who otherwise would not have jobs. I heard that what they can not sell in shops here, they will send overseas.

    As for magazines, it seems that almost every school has paper recycling now, and they earn some money from it, so I take all my magazines to their bins.

  2. You should donate your mags! I know many hospitals and other places would love some new reading material.

    Or recycle them!!

  3. I also take everything, even magazines (sometimes) to the Goodwill. I can't think of putting stuff in the trash that someone else could use. That's being the child of a Depression baby for sure. And if I'm going to recycle magazines, I have to look through them again! I think it would be easier to clip as you read the first time and then recycle.

  4. I still own way too many magazines but have parted with many..our local MCC Thrift Store takes just about anything.
    I need to catch up with your posts Zoey as I was away for a bit..

  5. All great points in the comments above !!!

  6. Is there a Vietnam Veterans of America in your area? They leave large marked garbage bags on my door every few months and I just have to fill it and leave it on my porch on pick up day. I've never heard of any thrift stores that are picky. Or call a local boy scout troop to take the donations? Seems such a waste. Heck, you could cut up those fabrics and make quilts out of them. :)


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