Sunday, September 27, 2009

It Does Not Look Like My Big Blue Container will Bloom

Thursday when I got home from work my Breck's order was waiting for me.

I was not really into planting that night, but I knew I was going away for the weekend, so I forced myself to get it done. It's always best to plant any mail orders as soon as they arrive.

I always forget just how bad my soil is in certain areas. See all the rocks in the box?
They all came from that little hole I dug to plant some Tango lilies. There are areas where I really cannot dig more than three inches. I was reminded of that again today as I was digging out some asters to move to the left side of this planter.I think I had some there before, but I removed them all last year!! LOL. Yes, now I am putting them back. Don't ask me why I do these things. :) I decided today that without the asters, the garden would be very blah.

Did you notice that the blue planter had no flowers? I think this area is too shady and the Tropicanna is not going to bloom. So I decided to swap planters. That's the beauty of using a big container like this and just inserting other containers into it. I can grow them up on the deck and swap them out whenever I want a change.

I had a new canna blooming on the deck. It's one I bought from Breck's two years ago. I think it's 'Wyoming', but I am not sure. It has a similar color flower as Tropicanna.

I miss the lighter green from the Elephant Ears in the previous container, but it's nice to see an orange bloom next to the purple asters

I also moved a few more colchium to the arbor path.
This forever hydrangea has been blooming all summer. It's great to buy something that actually behaves as they say it does.


  1. Yeah for Breck's! I just got my email that my order has shipped, too! Can't wait to dig in! Love your's esp. inspirational to me since we just bought our first home this summer and I'm working on the new yard.

  2. I'm still here admiring your garden, thought we were going to get some cool weather, but it shot back up to 106 on Friday. As always your garden is beautiful.

  3. Hi JamieLiz,
    Thank you. I do love Breck's. They really stand behind their flowers. If something does not live, they will send a replacement with no hassles. Last year they sent me the wrong tulips, but I did not even complain because I ended up liking what they sent better than what I ordered. If something does not come up, though, I always let them know and they replace it. Good luck with your new garden!

    AZ, 106 in September! Wow! That is way too hot for me! Thank you for the nice comment. Hope it cools down for you soon.

  4. I got my garlic bulbs from Burpees. Looks just like big ones you buy in the grocery store. I will be planting them one of these days. Good luck with your Brecks order!

  5. Hi Dianne,
    I think you can plant them right from the grocery store...though, I am not positive about that? Anyone know?


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