Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Banana Bread in a Canape Pan

Remember that post I did recently about kitchen gadgets I couldn't live without? These gadgets. I said I was going to use at least one of them in September. Last night (even though it was still August) I decided to use one of the canape bread pans to make banana bread.

I pulled 4 bananas from the freezer.

Don't worry about their looks. This is truly a case where beauty is only skin deep. They are fine inside. Because they are still frozen, I use rubber gloves and a small paring knife to peel them.

I popped them in the microwave after they were peeled so they would thaw. Then I went about making my banana bread. I read that the batter must be thick for these pans, so I was happy to see that mine was. I sprayed the pan liberally with nonstick cooking spray. I had to guess at how full the pan should be. .. about 3/4 was my guess.
I put the round caps on each end. On the bottom end I did put some foil, just in case it leaked. Then I put the pan on another pan (again to catch any possible leaks). Oh, in case it flopped, I made the second loaf in a regular bread pan.
I was not sure how long to cook it in the cylinder pan. I decide to check it at 35 minutes.

I am afraid of what I might see, so I slowly lift the top (wondering if it might explode) since both ends are capped and there is no hole for air to escape.

I am just thrilled! It has risen to the top (so my 3/4 guess was right on) and it's nicely browned at the edges.
But just to make sure it's done, I checked it twice with a metal skewer...It seems perfect. I could hardly wait to take it out of the pan and slice it into those pretty little scalloped rounds. I am mentally planning some type of stacked banana dessert on top of my orange flower plates.

I turned it over and was so excited to see it slowly slither out with no sticking. My gosh, this is all working so beautifully! I wonder why have I waited 10 years to use these pans.

And then it happens............about half way out of the pan.....

.........PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!

A big bunch of goo oozes out

I could have cried. The entire center is still raw batter. I stare a moment thinking I should have known it was too good to be true. Nothing I have baked in the past three months has turned out. Then I scooped it back into the pan and stuck it back in the oven for another half an hour.

When I finally took it out and let it cool, it looked like this. The center still was not cooked. I just cut a few rounds from each end and threw the rest in the garbage.

It's a good thing I made one in the regular loaf pan. At least I have something to show for my efforts.

I may try these pans once more. Maybe they should be lying down when I put them in the oven and not standing on end. If anyone out there knows anything about them, please let me in on the secret!


  1. Sorry about your banana bread in the canape tube. I think I would stick to making bread things with that-isn't it for like stacking bread, then egg salad, then bread, etc.? Or maybe denser dough. We'll have to look for recipes for you. : )

  2. Appreciate the sympathy, Dianne.
    No, it's not for stacking - I wish it was and I may try to figure out a way to do it. Since the edges are not straight, it's a bit difficult.

    It's actually for cooking bread. I googled it and did find a few people who cooked banana bread in it, but they did not give all the fine details--like how to cook the center! :)

    If you find anything, please let me know.

  3. Hmm..I hate when that happens and it is hard to try again but as Dianne suggested maybe try a denser dough like bread. I can imagine that the slices would look wonderful:)
    Hope you try at least once more, Zoey..August is gone..better luck in September??

  4. I'm sorry about the canape tube as well, I could see cream cheese filing on a pretty plate. I'm ready for the new season and your creative ideas. I've been away from your adventures too long. Best regards

  5. have you tried it again yet? I, too, have a pan that's been sitting in my cupboard for a decade -- never used but still waiting.
    I was so excited to see the success .. and then the oops.. darn!

  6. check this site out http://www.pamperedchef.com/our_products/recipesearch/recipedetail.jsp?recipeId=9645

  7. Debbie,
    Thanks for the link. I have been planning to try some regular bread dough. Maybe later in the fall. I will do a post about it so you know if it turned out.

    I have talked to two or three other people who have that pan and not one person has ever tried it! LOL. I guess I am not the only person who buys on impulse.

  8. looking forward to seeing your results :) Especially since I just purchased a bread pan at an antique store (it makes 4 large loaves).
    I, too, am glad to hear that I'm not the only one! :)


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