Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Magazine is a Bargain--so Why Did I Throw it in the Garbage?

Traditional Home. I used to get this magazine. Today I got an offer that I almost could not refuse.
Three years for the price of one! But how much is it? I grabbed three papers before I caught a glimpse of a price-- $14.97................but wait............look closely...........plus postage/handling.
So how much is the P/H? I had to spend more time rummaging through the pile until I finally found the paper with the real price - PLUS $5.00. Notice that no place does it actually say $19.97.

They like to play the little game of trying to make the consumer think it's less than it really is.


I think $19.97 is a great price. Had they stated that to begin with, I would have subscribed because I am a sucker for a good mag price.

But now I had to toss the whole thing in the garbage.

It's the principle. I simply refuse to buy a magazine that tries to hide its real price. If everyone would do that, they would stop that irritating practice.

I got the same offer from another magazine last week and I took that one. It was $19.99, but it stated the full price up front. No games.

I like that.

Jean,if you are out there, do these leaves look like your hollyhocks?

Update: Jean never sent me hollyhock seeds! She sent me foxglove seeds. That's why these leaves look different than the hollyhock leaves I googled!


  1. Zoey~
    I'm not Jean (LOL) but yes, my guess is hollyhock leaves, one of my favorites.

  2. Hi Suzy,
    Thank you. I hope they are. I was getting worried because the hollyhock leaves I looked up on the net appeared slightly different. I was wondering if I am nurturing weeds (as I have done many times before!).

  3. Zoey, it's good to rant. Otherwise the head would explode! There is always someone or something out there trying to "get over". Hold onto your humanity and your sense of humor and keep filling your corner of the world with your particular kind of beauty. Please!

  4. My hollyhock leaves are very different. More spread out, not elongated. I was thinking the leaves look more like foxgloves.

  5. Chopsticks, Maybe they are foxgloves! ? I can't remember what they are supposed to be. I hope Jean stops in soon--she sent me the seed.

  6. Hi Jody,
    Every now and then, I can't resist a rant post. :) There are little things that drive me mad - like advertising that is on the edge of being false.

  7. These appear to be foxgloves, not hollyhocks. When you mentioned it I thought you were talking about the Rose of Sharon I sent you. If the leaves are a little soft and fuzzy they are foxgloves. I totally agree with your rant. I got something once that said to send the paper in if you did want it and don't do anything if you wanted it. Either way you got it! Jean

  8. Well I'm glad Jean visited you to let you know what that plant was! lol I would have had no idea!!

    Oh, I know what you mean about those magazine offers. I got caught one time when they said plus p & h, which I didn't think would be that much but it ended up being almost as much as the subscription cost! As you say, there's just no reason for it.

    Hope your week is going well:-) xoxo

  9. Jean,
    did you send me foxgloves? I am so confused! Cause if you didn't send them to me, then these are weeds!

    Pea, I am having a great week. Thank you.

  10. I use to get Good Housekeeping for a gift-it was dirt cheap for 2 subscriptions. Now they want $14.97 a year each! Why not $14.97 for the first and $5 for the second?

  11. I am so with you Zoey on that..I like to see my price up front..no adding numbers later. Why would they want to mislead the consumer anyway and get them upset?? Honesty..it's as simple as that!


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