Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Electrocuted my Allium sphaerocephalon?

(AL-lee-um sfay-roe-SEF-ah-lon)

I did a double take when I walked by the rockwall garden and this caught my eye.

It's my new hair allium, which seems to have opened overnight.
I love it!

It reminds me of a drumstick allium that stuck it's stem in an electrical socket.
This is drumstick allium.

(Allium sphaerocephalon (AL-lee-um sfay-roe-SEF-ah-lon))

I was out of town for the last four days. When I returned the arbor gardens were much more colorful than when I left last Thursday morning. I need to buy more of these red carpet lilies. I have a few orange carpet lilies on the other side of this garden--maybe they should be mixed together.

I have never been afraid to move any plant. Whenever I need a certain color someplace, I dig up the appropriate plant and move it. Just a few days ago I moved a yellow daylily in full bud. I dug a big hole, filled it with water and stuck the entire plant in when the water had gone down.

As you can see here, there was no harm to the plant. It did not even sulk. Daylilies are a cinch to move. Not all plants are as easy to relocate. It's always a tad risky to do so. I think I lost a new poppy when I moved it last week.

That said, I still plan to dig up those hair alliums and move them to one of the arbor paths where I can see and appreciate them more. I think I planted 8 of them and I only see five blooms. I hope they multiply quickly as the drumsticks do.

I must get ready for work now. I will have a busy day since I've been gone since last Tuesday.


  1. I love that spidery looking allium! Beautiful garden..I love looking at your flowers.

  2. We missed you! Glad to have you back. Garden looking great! Can't wait to see what moves you have planned next.

  3. That is a neat plant! I only have a few of the other variety which blooms with the tulips.
    Yes, the lilies are indeed making our gardens gorgeous this year!

  4. The poppy will probably go dormant and come back next year.

  5. I love the balance of green and colour in that garden with the daylilies. That spider alium is very interesting; not sure about beautiful


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