Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Rain Finally Hit

and it is expected to stay for quite a few days.

We are under flash flood warnings today.

I am right in the middle of that big moisture blob. (Oh, Miss Pea, be ready because it seems to be heading in your direction!)

So I probably won't be working outside much for a few days.

That's fine because I am all prepared for some inside reading time.

The librarian called twice this week and I now have 4 nice gardening books to peruse as well as a new mystery novel.
I have already read the Abundant Gardener, which I really enjoyed. The gardens are exactly the kind I like to tend to.

I have also started another table runner.
It's an easy one and will be perfect for when I tire of reading.

So it's not raining on my parade. Quite the contrary, I get to go to the parade because of the rain!


  1. The rain missed us here in Chicagoland. I am looking forward to seeing your finished tablerunner.

    Also.....The last time I cleaned the house like you did this past weekend, was just before I gave birth. That was 18 years ago. I am glad we sold that house. It is time to clean the house I am in now but NO giving birth this time.

  2. Oh my! We got caught in a 'tropical storm' tonight-had to wait it out in a Michael's Craft store!
    If you like a book from the library, do you ever buy a copy for yourself? You know Amazon has great $$. I am selling off some books for Sean and we have made $30 in a few weeks-not too shabby.


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