Thursday, July 16, 2009

Never Trust the Weatherman

He said it was going to rain, even thunderstorm for the past two days.

I believed him, so I didn't water my new coneflowers.

Big Mistake.
I took the hose out there last night and gave the area a good watering. It probably sprang right back to life overnight.

The new path area is filling in nicely with my red wave petunias and purple Angelonia. I also planted pink petunias, but you can't really see them in this picture.

I like the Shasta daisies with the red petunias. The daisies are very short in this area. Probably because they were moved and stunted with all the digging. I wish they would stay short here because they are the perfect height right now.

They are much taller on the side deck garden where they are mixed with yellow Margarite daisies. I am thinking of moving some of the yellow daisies to the arbor gardens this weekend.
The lychnis coronaria just started blooming, too. Everything is about a week or two late this year due to the cold weather.

This lychnis is on the other side of the house.

Way in the back you an see a lot of orange daylilies. They usually start blooming by July 4.
I do hope we get some rain soon. The grass is beginning to turn brown and all the flowers are crying out for a good drink of water.


  1. Please take soem of our rain. We had an inch and a half on Sunday, an inch on Tuesdays and sprinkles on Wednesday.
    Your flowers are just beautiful. You have so many!!!

  2. Oh, can I ever relate to your thoughts about the weatherman! Having been married to Mr. Meteorologist for over 40 years, I know better than to believe half of what he says. On his behalf, he always says that he's in promotion not production.

    Opposite of you, we have had way too much rain and all my plants are suffering under a siege of slugs. We're expecting more rain this week. Sigh

  3. I just bought the same color coneflower from Wally World. I like the reds and the whites too. Daisies are so pretty. Mine have been blooming for a few weeks. I think the daylilies will finish up by the end of next week.


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