Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Between the Rain Showers

Everything is so fresh and green after the last few days of rain.

I have hundreds of orange lilies blooming. Most of them are in the wooded area because I have been removing them from the main gardens where they were taking over.

I did not take them all out because I do like that pop of orange in different sections.

I have them mixed with daisies in many areas because I have also been removing a lot of the daisies from the main gardens.

Speaking of the main gardens, here are two shots standing at the biggest Tango lily. This shot is looking toward the arbor (the rockwall garden is way in the background). The big daylily next to the Tango lily will be blooming soon. It's red.

This shot is looking directly across the swath of grass toward a second walking path which leads back into the wooded area. It makes a turn to the right and ends where the bistro table is.

The path with the round pavers is the first path we put in. I could not find round pavers for the second or third paths, so I had to change to squares.

Nestled between two day lilies is one of last year's new 'Forever' hydrangeas. I planted three of them. The other two are in the rockwall garden.

Here is one from the rockwall garden. It has huge flowers and is doing very well.
The third one is not blooming.

Remember a while back I told you I moved a new poppy and I thought I had killed it because it immediately turned brown and shriveled up? Well Jen left a comment that maybe it just went dormant. I was hoping Jen was correct. And it looks like she was!
Here is some new growth in that exact spot. Yippee! Maybe it will be a purple one for next year. Neither of my purple ones bloomed this year.

I decided to join Artie over at Color Outside the Lines for his Share a Sunday Garden. If you love gardens, go visit Artie. He is sharing a beautiful one today.


  1. Everything in your garden is coming up roses.....well, lilies anyway. Beautiful, as always, Zoe, and I bet your garden appreciated the rain too.

  2. What a beautiful garden (gardens) you have, Zoey!We have the same Orange Lilies here, (we call them Jungle Lilies) and they have taken over quite a few yards in the neighborhood. I think one person on the street must have split them a hundred years ago and gave them away. They look so beautiful in your wooded area though. And what a great combination with the daisy. I could probably walk through your garden for hours! Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. It's so nice to see your gardens blooming so nicely. I have enjoyed my daylilies for almost a month now! I don't have the orange ones, just hybrid ones. I did plant a few orange ones around the telephone poles (how lovely to have them in my yard) and they are blooming too.

  4. Glad to see your poppies are doing well. I think mine are toast. I guess I will see for sure next year.


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