Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am Loving the Rainy Weekend

With all the rain, I won't be working in the garden at all this weekend. The fact is I don't plan to do much work inside either. This will be a relaxing weekend to indulge in some reading and other ME activities.

These poor white lilies were beaten down by the rain.

So I took my nose out of my book long enough to go outside and cut them down.

I removed the stamens so the pollen would not get on my table. I learned to do this many years ago after staining more than one tablecloth with lily pollen. Then I put together a big bouquet of stamen-less trumpet lilies and callas.

Since it's the weekend I will be able to enjoy these flowers much more inside.

This is for Debbie who wanted to see how the new table runner turned out. The top is all pieced, but I still need to add the backing.

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  1. It's been way too wet for weeks around here! I can't even get into the garden and the grass needs mowing desperately!


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