Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Planted a Few New Plants Today and Brought out some Garden Junk

To many of you it may seem like junk, but I am quite attached to all of these little treasures.

Take this shovel for instance.

Yes, the one that is only half there.

It broke years ago when we were digging out the rockwall garden.

Every time I see it sitting in the shed it reminds me of the three summers I spent digging out roots, rocks and poison ivy with that very shovel.

Now I can admire it every time I walk this path.

I bought a red caladium yesterday and planted it near the shovels.

I also planted that small coneflower. I keep planting coneflowers and they keep disappearing

On Sunday at our BBQ party, we were talking about invasive plants and my SIL mentioned that coneflowers were one of hers. What? I can't even get one plant to stay alive for two years! I find black-eyed Susans invasive. She can't them to grow well in her garden. Isn't that odd? I guess it all depends on the soil content.

Here is the frontal view of this side.

Since I decided not to plant annuals on the deck this year, I had a bunch of watering cans as well as the milk cans you've been seeing, that were still in the storage shed. I decided to haul them all out and scatter them in different places in the gardens.

To complete my objets d'art I leaned my old wheelbarrow against a tree among some taller perennials.

I am now off to see my hunky dentist. I have a 7:00 a.m. appointment. I am an early riser so I love that he takes such early appointments. I had a root canal a few weeks back and today I get the tooth crowned.


  1. I appreciate recycling things-neat what you did!
    I can't even imagine sitting in the dentist chair at 10 or 11 am. I have to deal with allergies a lot in the morning. Those crowns are interesting-and so expensive!I've had 6 of them one (one got replaced). I could have almost bought a used car with how much they cost.

  2. Dianne,
    I know what you mean about those crowns being expensive. You have me beat--I only have 4 of them, but three of them had root canals, too, so that's double the price! I am glad it's done and hope I don't need another one for a while.

  3. On the subject of crowns...I have 2 and that's enough! lol
    I love your 'garden junk' Zoey. I too love reusing/recycling things. I like that half shovel..a lot of memories there!

  4. I hope the dental work went well and you are smiling broadly to show off the new crown.

    Perhaps you'd have only needed to spend one and a half summers digging the rock wall if your shovel had been a whole one....lol.

  5. What a way to start the day - the dentist! I prefer to start it with a cup of coffee and some gardening :)

  6. I too, live in Northern (lower) MI, and am really interested in starting a perennial garden. I must admit I have BIG dreams but I know that it takes many years of care and planting and watering and .......... :>) Point being, I am researching getting a garden going, (and) I came across your gardens. (So) I wanted to tell you that you have a "REALLY GREAT GARDEN". All your love/care/efforts of gardening, really shows in your photos.

    Happy Gardening!!!


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