Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outside My Computer Room Window

From my computer chair, I have been looking at all of these little apples for the past few weeks. This seems to be a bumper crop year (much to my chagrin).
I will be picking wheelbarrow loads up from the ground in a few weeks. I would cut this tree down, but besides annoying me with all these inedible apples, it provides a nice shady spot to sit in the hot summer. Although I must confess that I have not found the time to sit there once yet this year.

I stuck the camera out the computer room window last night to get these shots. This is a view of the main gardens that you hardly ever see.

It's the backside of the areas I have been showing you.

I took this picture to show you that it is still raining.

update: As of 8:15 PM we have not had any rain yet today. I think we get a couple day's break and then another 3 days of rain. I liked the rain a lot better than I like today's muggy hot (in the 80's) temps.

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  1. The garden is beautiful. Hope you are enjoying your summer.


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