Sunday, July 25, 2021

Beginning to Enjoy the Deck

 I have my deck containers planted with mostly dahlias, calla lilies and canna lilies.  The calla lilies bloom first and now the dahlias are beginning.  So far only a few have bloomed, but it is enough for me to enjoy sitting out here.

My first dahlia to bloom was American Sunset (purchased from #Brecks).  I love this one!

Here it is today July 25, 2021:

Boom Boom Red was next.  I am disappointed that this one is NOT the bright red the Breck's site said it would be.  It is burgundy.  I already have enough ball dahlias in burgundy.  But Boom Boom Red is still a gorgeous one.  Only one of the two tubers I planted came up.

Here is the container this one is growing in:

The spider dahlia on top is called China Town.  
This is another new one I purchased from Brecks.   Both of these tubers came up and I am happy with this purchase.

Here is a close up of China Town:

I am eagerly awaiting the first bloom of the other dahlias I have planted.  I did purchase a beauty called 'Dutch Carnival'.  

Unfortunately this one never came up.  Soooooooooo disappointed! 


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