Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's a Good Year for Feverfew

Feverfew is an invasive herb that I usually keep contained by pulling out young plants each spring.  This year I did not get around to pulling it out and I am being rewarded with masses of the white fluffy flowers.

It will look beautiful for a couple of weeks and then all of the snowy white will turn to a muddy tannish-brown as the flowers go to seed and look like a huge mess.  At that point I will wonder why I ever let it all bloom and swear to never do that again.  Then I will yank it out by the wheelbarrow load.

But for now I am just going to enjoy the flowers.

Do you see that green and blue container planter at the edge of the wooded area?  Does it look like anything familiar?

........................ .......................... ..................................... ............................... ...............................

Yes, it's a garbage can.

I had J drag it out of the junk pile last weekend. Here is what it looked like before its 10-minute paint transformation:

The rotted out bottom is perfect to allow the water to drain through. I stuffed it full of smaller plastic pots of dahlias (I have lots of dahlias that I save every year).  Gotta love free flowers to fill a free huge container!

We have painted every piece of junk we could find around the yard. Here is my old wheelbarrow that used to be red:

To think I was going to toss this treasure to the curb for garbage pick up! I am so glad I kept it in the junk pile for a few years until I came to my senses.  It, too, is planted with dahlias and a few yellow calla lilies.

I painted my old chippy bench in the same blue:

This is the same bench viewed from the garden side:

I am really enjoying all of the aqua blue items in the garden this year.

I had painted the three bowling balls last year and just left them sitting right here all winter long!
I have three clumps of delphinium that are  just beginning to open. This is the best they have ever looked (I think they are three years old).
My heuchera plants are also doing well this year. 

Here's another good shot of all the feverfew blooming.
I am really amazed at how well everything is growing. I am sure it's due to the removal of the dozens of huge pine trees in 2013.  Now all of my gardens get the sunlight they need!


  1. Your garden looks wonderful, Zoey! I love the aqua accents. The feverfew is pretty. Your delphiniums are so tall and stately. Lovely!

  2. Thanks, Beth. I hope you are having a great July 4 weekend. I am just about to leave for my BIL's family celebration.

  3. Hi Zoey
    I agree with you on the feverfew. I have TONS of it blooming right now and there's really nothing prettier--but oh, in a couple of weeks we'll be regretting this--haha.
    Your gardens are amazing. And NEVER throw away any kind of metal "junk" always makes for a special spot!
    Have a great summer

    1. Thanks, Sue. Hope you are enjoying your summer, too.

  4. Your gardens are so beautiful! I love the feverfew sprinkled everywhere. I must thank you for sharing how you over-winter Dahlias in your crawl space, I saved 17 pots of my Dahlias last fall, hauled them into the basement and forgot about them till April. They are all growing strong, getting ready to flower. For years I tried to save the tubers without success, this was so easy!

    1. So glad that helped you, Lisa! I tried to save a lot of cannas in paper bags last year and they all died -- next year I will make sure to put them back in soil. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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