Saturday, June 27, 2015

Garden Junk Arrangements

I really enjoy turning junk into flower arrangements on my deck.
 I have had the rusty milk can for years, but this is the first year for the rusty old tool box.

In another area of the deck I have planted and old indoor light with 'Vampire' Calibrachoa, Creeping Jenny and white biden. Do you remember these floor lights that almost everyone had in at least one corner of their living room? I think they make wonderful planters.
The bottom of the container is planted with dahlia (yellow I think). From this side you can't see the real star of this arrangement.

 Let me walk to the back side to show you....

Wow! Loving this vibrant red 'Vampire' Calibrachoa!  I must remember it for future years. It should soon spill over the top and down all sides. I am looking forward to seeing this planting  mature.

This delphinium should open soon.

 This is a very bright peony!

I am now going to douse myself with bug spray and battle the mosquitoes as I attempt to weed these perennial gardens. Wish me luck!


  1. I am so happy to see you and your gardens here, Zoey. I have been off an on blogging/visiting so missed your earlier posts. I just told another person about the mosquito repellent- it's not really made for it-but it works perfectly. It's Johnson's Creamy Baby crazy good. Here is the link so you can see what it looks like if you are interested. enjoy your summer- it's short! xo Diana

  2. Do you think blooms are really late this year or is it just me. I am still waiting for so many plants to pop open. I actually did a bloom booster yesterday to get stuff to start opening.
    Cool ideas that you have for planting.
    Happy 4th.


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