Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spring Garden is Shaping Up

I spent a few hours on Saturday doing some heavy-duty weeding in the perennial gardens.  Last week we had three nights of frost, so it's only the beginning of garden weather in lower northeast Michigan.

I am very happy with the garden so far this season.  I have never had so many iris ready to bloom! 

The deer have not eaten anything (yet), so I have dozens of Asiatic lilies that should bloom in early July (if our luck holds and the deer don't discover this diner before then).

I stood in my bedroom window and just took these photos:  This one is toward the road....

  The hostas are all looking good, too.  Can you see the circle of them way down the path?

I turned slightly to the right to show you the woodland side of the path.

A few degrees more toward the right shows the view toward the backyard rockwall garden.  I have three arbors and you have seen all three with these views.
I need to put a plant  inside the aqua milk can. I will find something soon.

Many years ago (like 20), I dug up a few lilac shoots from my childhood home.  They have never done much of anything.  Every five years or so, I moved them in hopes that someday I would be able to cut some lilacs for an indoor bouquet.................I had almost given up hope...until this year...I was thrilled to see a ton of flowers on the bushes....this is my second indoor bouquet of lilacs.......

I have really been enjoying this flower holder that I purchased a few months ago....I have used it for daffodils..
Easter eggs
Mixed spring flowers..........
fake  calla lilies.............
The possibilities are endless!  If you ever see one for sale, grab it!

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