Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Winter Purchases

I have not been buying many clothes this winter because I have more than I really need. But when has that stopped us?  LOL.  I did buy a few new things that I can show you:

This beaded fedora to wear in the garden:
I have an orange tote that it will go nicely with, should I decide to wear it someplace other than the garden.  I am not really a hat person, so I probably won't wear it in public.
these two sweaters:
I have not worn the navy one yet, but I've worn the aqua one three times and really like it.
This black/white shell:
I wore it last weekend with black jeans and a white jean jacket--loved it!
I also bought this bench last month:
I have wanted one of these for years.  I put it in the family room and store shoes in it. There is a door to the garage in the family room.  No more shoes visible by the garage door!
I bought this beverage dispenser:
I thought it would be great for large gatherings on the deck this summer.  Only problem is I never have large gatherings!!
Finally, I purchased this chef's torch in December:
I had visions of making a  delicious crΓ¨me brulee dessert.  So far I have not used it. :) 
How often do you buy something and never use it? 


  1. I always get excited when I see a post that's going to be about what you have bought. I love all the things...especially that shell.
    That bench is going to be so handy for you. Shoes at the door are a pet peeve of mine too. I once took a picture of the doorway, when all my family was visiting. My Korean daughter-in-law encouraged everyone to take off their shoes. Now it's a habit with my family and we are always tripping over shoes.
    Have a great day...Thanks for sharing. Balisha

  2. Well,I even buy clothes that I have never worn. Isn't that awful? lol WHERE did you find that bench? It is perfect and just what my daughter is looking for!!!! xo Diana

  3. Zoey, you will have to share photos when you do use those really neat items! I think that beverage dispenser would be nice but I too don't know when I would use it and I have been looking at the chef's torch as well. The bench is a good choice did good Zoey:)
    Loved your clothing picks..they are basic and I can see you getting lots of wear out of them.
    Oh and I do want to see you in that cute fedora:)
    Fun post!

  4. I always think you should live in Traverse City! We love to go there just to see the folks downtown--they look so nicely dressed--such a nice switch from Cadillac, where they practically go to the store in pj's and slippers (yes-I've seen that quite a bit!)
    Love the bench--I'd like one of those. As for the torch, I burn enough food on my own-LOL!

  5. I love hats, but don't think they look good on me. Yours is adorable!

    I love creme Brulee, but doubt I will ever attempt to make it. The blacksmith wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole!

  6. I just got a black open front cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, the very next week we hit 80°! I guess it will keep till next winter. I saw a very similar beverage dispenser at Sam's Club, but I too do not have large gatherings so I passed it by. I don't wear outside shoes in the house, but I have one pair hidden under a recliner in the great room for backyard use, and another in the laundry room if I have to go to the garage. Love hats, but hate hat hair.


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