Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring has Finally Arrived!

It's been in the high 40's - low 50's for a few days and  most of the snow has melted in my main gardens.
Notice all of the Alberta Spruce shrubs have the brown tops...
Thank you all for your kind comments regarding the Alberta Spruces.  I hope they will survive, but, after a bid of internet searching, I am not very optimistic.  I have a yew hedge that is also brown.  That will probably be OK, but from what I have read the Albertas don't come back.

After the snow melted, I noticed that I left my ceramic frog out all winter. Do you see him in the bottom pic? I am surprised he is still intact! It is amazing how snow can protect the plants as well as items that one would expect to crack from the sub zero temps.

I am hoping I can get out in these two gardens this weekend to do some raking.  It all depends on the may rain...maybe even snow.  I am sure we can expect at least one more snow storm.

I hope you are all enjoying your spring in whatever state you are in!


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast we lose the snow here? I can't get over that, even after 7 years of living here.
    My vegetable garden has gone from snow 2 feet deep to nothing in 8 days. All my raised beds are thawed. I'll be sowing spinach and radishes this weekend. I can't wait!

    So sorry about your Alberta spruce. Mine fared well, but it is right next to the house. Hubby says we're going to wrap it next year just to be on the safe side. I've been "sculpting" it into a spiral for 5 years and it's finally a decent size . I guess I never thought something like that could happen to them. Yikes!

  2. So sad to see your scrubs turning brown. I noticed a lot like them in town today too. I did a little raking tonight. Right now we even had to open a window in here, it's 64 outside and 74 in here with the heat turned down. Hope it will stay, but not very likely.


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