Saturday, April 12, 2014

Breck's Double Geranium Collection Arrived Today

They look great with very healthy-looking roots.   I went out and immediately planted them.

Just so I can remember where they are, I am posting these pictures:

Southcrombe Double planted here:

Birch Double here:

Summer Skies Double Here:

If I don't take pictures to document where they are, I will forget and dig them up to plant something else!

Early this morning, I finished putting together this quilt block of a pilgrim lady carrying her Thanksgiving turkey to the table.  Now I can begin to make her husband, who's carrying a pumpkin.  It's a fun project!


  1. Look at you go with your Thanksgiving project! It looks fantastic as do those double geranium!!! They are just so beautiful!!! I too think it is wise to document where things go as the beans have been known to pull things up and smash plants! A wonderful weekend to you!!! Nicole xoxo

    1. LOL, Nicole, the rest of the world is thinking Easter and I am on to Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Zoey,
    I love your geraniums....they are beautiful colors. They do well in my yard.
    Just heard the news that Coldwater Creek is closing. They have filed for bankruptcy.I guess you and I just couldn't keep them in business. I will miss ordering online as I'm sure you will.

    1. I don't know what I will do without CWC!! Luckily I have enough clothes to last a few years....decades....LOL!

  3. I love perennial geraniums, some even bloom all summer.


  4. I just got my Breck's catalog in yesterday's mail. I can't believe you are planting there. We still have a lot of freeze left in our ground. I will be so happy to have some nice sunshiny, warm weather. I have had wonderful luck with Breck's bulbs in the past-- xo Diana

  5. Love the geraniums!--just hoping you're not expecting the weather we're expecting for Monday---ugh--more snow!

  6. oh they are pretty! your garden will be back to its beautiful self soon!

  7. I love your turkey carrying lady!
    All the trees are blooming here, bradford pears, redbuds, and now 28 and snow is predicted for Tuesday. Plus we have garden up, spinach, lettuce, radishes . . . hopefully the snow will keep it from freezing.


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