Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Treats Table

Now what in the world am I doing with a staple gun at 5:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning?
I have wanted to do a decorated dessert table for quite some time and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity.  I used a small desk I had and covered it in sheer frilly fabric and guess what else---burlap.  Yes, more burlap.  Actually I had used  all the burlap, so I took this piece out of the sled (you could barley see it in the sled anyway).  I stapled a sheer  fabric in layers across the desk drawer.

The piece of burlap I had was just long enough to go over the top and sides of the desk. Remember those letters I showed you last week? While this is what they were for (Sorry Chris J. they were not for a Christmas Eve game--Chris J is my niece and she has been reading the blog to see if she can get a heads up on some of the games we will play at party #2).
 I added a bow on each side with a Shiny Brite ornament in the middle. Underneath the table I put a can light.

I used every tiny  piece of burlap I could find It worked nicely to spiff up plain white candles with an added twine bow and a pink ball.

This table will hold whatever little sweet treats I decide to make.

The color is off in this picture as the light is not good at 5:00 a.m.

Here is a pic during the daylight which has correct coloring.

This table was such fun to do.  Now I need to decide what goodies to make to put on the table.

You may notice the dining room table to the right. I have it all set and will show that tomorrow.

Chris J. because you are such a loyal reader, I will give you  some inside info....brush up on family trivia as there might just be a little game requiring that knowledge. :)


  1. Looks very pretty Zoey. You may have posted this yesterday but it just came through today in my list.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. What a lovely and great idea! I did a sweets tree for the kitchen and will share soon. Not real sweets though.

  3. Zoey, I finally stopped by for a visit. Naturally, your decorations are lovely!Love the pinecones and burlap combo! You always have such great ideas!

  4. I am going to copy your idea for a sweet table, looks great!


  5. Now I know how you get so much done, silly you being up at 5 AM and wake enough to take pictures for a blog. You go girl (I will be sleeping)

  6. Pretty little table Zoey. You won't see me up at 5 am. Maybe that's why I never seem to get much done.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Leave it to you to make such a delightful dessert table. All of your ideas should be in those decor magazines, honestly!! I just love the way you used burlap with delicate fabric, it blends so well together. Also love the burlap pieces around the candles. xoxo


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