Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Found the Most Delicious Soup

Last week I found this soup at B**ig L**ots. I bought one can to try it and it was delicious! 

Today I went back and bought four more cans.  It will make a wonderful light winter meal with a hot grilled cheese sandwich.

This is probably not the nicest comment, but whenever I see W**olfgang P**uck on TV, the first thing I notice is his ultra white false teeth.  Even on the can they are too white.  Why do people think their teeth need to be unnaturally white?

Today I did a bit more decorating....I was in the basement and came across a dark green bin that I had not looked in.


That bin had my gold metal bows and birds that I was missing on my tree.
Somehow I found space to add them to the tree. :)

I no longer buy storage bins unless they are clear. I need to be able to see what's in them.

I also worked on  Chrismasfying (yes, I made that word up) the chalkboard I made a few months ago.  from the ugly blue ocean oil painting. If you are wondering what I am talking about you can read that post by clicking here. I still need to make a fresh greenery arrangement to place underneath it. Once I get that done I will show it to you.

I also worked on a centerpiece for the dining room table. I can't show you that either as it is not quite done.

Friday morning we cleaned the carpets. Everything was nice, clean and neat until I brought up the bins, sacks, etc. to do more decorating.  Now it's a mess again.  I am never finished decorating for the holidays.  I keep adding more right up until Dec. 24th.  I think it's a sickness.


  1. I agree about the clear bins, still can't find many decorations. The ones that are clear, even though wrapped in tissue I can tell what they are.


  2. I hear you on the teeth whitening. My gosh, there is a reporter on our local news--he has rather LARGE teeth to begin with, AND he whitens. It looks like a large beaver--hubby and I about roll on the floor laughing....we never do know the story he's reporting. It's much to distracting. Hide the trees! LOL!!

  3. I didn't know you had B.Lots near you! I have one a mile away and Sean worked there briefly. I'll have to see if they have the soup. I was disappointed that the gifts weren't that great while shopping there the other day. I usually end up buying more food and paper items than anything.
    My back is broken from leaning over wrapping gifts for other people at the store. One lady had the nerve to ask us to wrap at least 10-12 gifts for her. I think there should be a limit, but she was a VIP member of the store. Coats, shoes and odd size kids' toy boxes were the worse. I have Brian making dinner. Wow, he doesn't know anything. Sigh.

  4. Apparently decorating for the holidays is something you really enjoy so if it makes you happy that's wonderful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Unusually white teeth and unusually dark hair on old people bother me so much that I cannot watch them. Puck was hawking stuff on the network the other day, and he kept sticking his fingers in it and pulling out "just a taste" and "one more taste for Wolfgang", YUCK! So disgusting!

  6. Zoey- I am with you- I decorate right up until the last minute! lol

    I'm with you I hate those FALSE TEETH looks of over-whitened teeth. I mean I don't like YELLOW teeth either-but give me a nice white without the LED shine to them. xo Diana

  7. *Oh Zoey you have me chuckling about your decorating right to the 24th and then a few days later you take it all down, right?
    *Oh yeah and when those teeth become so white they almost look blue-ish you know they have gone too far with that process!!
    *Mmm that soup does sound good! I will see if I can find that in our grocery stores.

  8. I haven't even started decorating yet....


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