Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ligularia -- The Rocket 2011

A few readers have asked me for more of the ligularia plant, so here a few shots from last night:
 Ligularia is a water hog---and I mean HOG. It must be watered daily or it sulks like crazy.  I have mine planted in a pot and inserted about half way into the ground. 

The next picture shows how big the canna leaves in containers behind the ligularia got during the two weeks of hot weather.

The leaves in front are "Wyoming'; the striped leaves behind are 'Tropicanna'.

I have no time to write more as I must get to work. But I did a post on Lugularia last year which you can read by clicking here.

I am linking to cottage floral Thursday. Have fun exploring the other gardens!


  1. I am just captivated by the Ligularia, thanks for the information.

  2. Very pretty. Water hog backed me off though. LOL I have enough of those to deal with. Sure is pretty though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Hi Zoey, you are definitely right about the ligularia tipping over like a fainting goat whenever there's the slightest hint of dry weather, lol. I have a few here and there in the gardens and the flower is pretty, I could just do without needing to use smelling salts (ok, water) to bring them back around every other day. LOL

    Wow, your cannas are huge! And I wear something very similar to Crocs, made by Airwalk that I was able to find around here. I know what you mean though, so many times there's nothing in the stores and you end up buying online instead of buying local. But they should give us credit for at least trying to buy at our local stores first, right?

  4. Oh Zoey - your July garden sparkles! LOVE your canna - still waiting on mine to decide whether or not to grow up! Your early start paid off - your garden is wonderful!

  5. I used to have these in my back garden. If I didn't water them they would limp so badly...but then perk up at the slightest bit of water. Mine were in a partly shaded area of my yard...they looked so bright and pretty out there. Worth the trouble of watering...Balisha

  6. Hi Zoey
    I'm glad you mentioned how much water it needs. I guess I'll have to pass on it and just enjoy it in YOUR garden. It's so beautiful, and I've always wanted one, but waterhogs would never enjoy my dry sandy soil. Sigh.


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