Monday, January 19, 2009

Kraut & Pork Roast

Suzy, over at Suzy's Bloomers, recently posted a sauerkraut pork roast recipe that she found on another blog. It inspired me to try a cooking method I had never done before--use my Nesco as a sort of crockpot (I don't own a crockpot).

I did not follow the recipe exactly, but I did take the main idea from Suzy. It was incredibly easy. I just tossed the kraut on top of the roast, threw the spices, onions, etc. into my 4-quart Nesco. Since there was just the two of us, I only used a 3 lb. pork roast.

I Covered it and let it cook for about 7 hours. The first hour was high heat, then I turned it to about 250 degrees.

Every now and then I picked up the cover and gave it a stir.
That's about it.

The roast turned out nice and tender, falling apart as I sliced it.

Suzy says that it is lucky to eat sauerkraut at the beginning of the new year. I hope this is still considered the beginning. I could use some luck if I decide to go back and play those EBAY machines again.

If you want the recipe that Suzy made, just click the link to Suzy's blog. It will take you right to the recipe page.


  1. Another good sauerkraut recipe is to take brats, or other fat sausages, lay them in a baking dish, layer with very thin sliced potatoes, a layer of sauerkraut, a very find sprinkle of brown sugar, more potatoes and kraut, sugar, until it's a couple of layers. Cover with foil and bake about 300 for 2 hours or more. OMG is this good. Your could also do it in your cute blue baker too!

  2. Patti, Thanks for the recipe. It does sound good. I don't think I have eaten sauerkraut and potatoes together in one dish. I bet it would be good with Kielbasa. I rarely use my little Nesco, but I think that will change now that I have found how easy it is to just let something cook all day long.

  3. Zoey~
    Thank you for your post about my recipe!
    Did you like it?
    I think you safe for the New Year good luck!

  4. Suzy, Yes, I liked it. I didn't put as much sugar in mine and no caraway seeds.

    I am having the leftovers tonight.

  5. I do have a crock pot and need to use it once in a while. I like pulled pork and corned beef the best in it. Not a big kraut fan. I do have some brats in the freezer and I may try Patti's recipe minus the kraut. I guess I've seen too many nasty pots of it on hot dogs carts over the years and I don't like the smell. I don't mind cabbage-could you replace that with the kraut?

  6. I really like your posts- hope you don't mind if I become a regular reader, I can use all the help I can get for creative ideas when it comes to cooking or decor. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey Zoey,
    Congrats on making Blogs of Note today! :)


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