Friday, January 9, 2009

All Work & No Play Makes for a Dull Life

So last weekend we went to a casino with my mom and dad.

My Mom and I had so much fun playing EBAY video slot machines. They are penny slots--though that's a misnomer. They actually take a minimum bet of fifty cents and a maximum of $2.50. That's a 50 cent/$1 machine to me.

Nonetheless, they are action packed with a bonus round that everyone playing is involved in. I think there were 5 people who could play at once.

Here is a picture of what they look like.

I got this picture at this Flicker account.

We spent hours playing this machine and even ended up coming ahead a few dollars.

This weekend I will be washing floors and cleaning toilets. I really would prefer to be playing this machine!


  1. I can't see spending more than that myself and had to watch my guys down in Atlantic City this past August. My father-in-law doesn't even flinch when he sticks a $20 in a machine-I would! As soon as the guys were ahead, I made them cash out-but they'd sneak away and put the waiver in another machine sometimes. Mom and me mainly played nickel machines. I hear Atlantic City is really hurting from this recession.
    Thanks for your kind words about Brian. It's been a few rough days-I had puffy eyes-Sean went back too-thank goodness for teabags-they really work!

  2. My MIL used to live in Lake Tahoe and now lives in Carson City, NV. Every time we visit her, we stay at the Atlantis in Reno. I think we may have spent $2.00 in the machines over the past few years. We just don't like the awful smoke smell and the noise is way too much for me. The hotel, however, is a great deal!

  3. Zoe, I've neglected you lately! But I did think of you, if that's any consolation :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year will bring health, happiness and many blessings.
    Glad you had a nice getaway. Sounds like a fun machine.
    That little foot thingy is neat. I should get one. Winter is rough on feet, and skin in general. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I also meant to say I like your new decor. Looks a lot like mine...I thought I was coming home! :)


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