Monday, October 10, 2005

Seed Packs

If you are in a garden club or are participating in some other seed-swapping event, you may want to take the time to make your own little seed packets. I made these last year and had quite a good time doing it.

I got the idea from this site, where the webmaster so generously shared her pattern.

You can use them as is, or do as I did and personalize with photos of the blooming flowers of the seeds within so that the recipient will know what to expect.

Here are the back sides


  1. Good idea! Now, what seeds can I save? I'll have to see if any of the zinnias and cosmos are left.

  2. Ohhh thanks for that Zoey. My 12 year old walked in just as I was looking at the seed packs and said "Cool"!! Ahh the highest form of praise. Now what seeds can I find to put in them.

  3. Awesome idea. I love that. Thanks Zoey for the great idea.


  4. Calidore, I do consider that HIGH praise!
    I hope you all give these a try. I think you will have fun doing them.

  5. You are sooo creative Zoey. You always impress me. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

  6. Ah! That is such a great idea! I usually just draw the packet out by hand, but printing them would be so much easier and it would give me more versatility!

    Question: a lot of inkjet printer ink runs when wet. How do you combat this?

  7. Sylvana, I would guess they would run when wet. I have not gotten them wet yet.

  8. I think it's the paper you use too. I printed out some stickers for my niece and did the 'wet test' with a wet finger and they didn't run.

  9. I couldn't resist these and made a bunch over the weekend. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  10. Crazygramma, I hope they turned out nice.

  11. Your packs are just awesome. I hope I can do somethiing this creative. I'm gonna try.
    Thanks for sharing the link also.
    I'm jazzed.

  12. Okay, a question.
    How do I put my own photo on the package? What program do you use?
    Thank you.


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