Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am still Alive

Blogging is a lot like exercise. You miss a few days in a row and it is very hard to get back in to it!
I have been busy working on Christmas ornaments. As I mentioned before, I am the chief Christmas decorator at the hotel where I work. I have to do 5 trees and a big wreath to hang over the fireplace. I have to start thinking about what I want to do in October as I usually decorate in mid-November (we usually start with Christmas parties right after Thanksgiving). Very often I make ornaments to add to the things I already have, which is what I have been doing the past couple of days. I am making more blue jeans stockings . This year I am adding a raffia bow and filling them with a candy cane instead of the mouse. They will go on a very country-themed tree with sunflowers, garland made of twine, red-checked burlap, lights that look like red/green peppers and lights that look like bottles of BBQ sauce -- and I am thinking of putting a cloth chicken doll on top! (Our restaurant has a BBQ theme and is decorated with a lot of sunflower items). I love to do the 'different' trees! I will be sure to show you a pic of what I actually end up doing.

I also added hooks to some cinnamon star-shaped cookies I made a few years ago. The hot glue I used to hold the wire did not stick very well, so I am trying a different glue.

I also went to Joanne's and bought a bunch of artificial floral pieces for the wreath. The tree I do in the lobby will have hydrangeas on it and I need something to coordinate. I have not been inspired to start working on it though.

I went to Wally's World and they had the cutest gumdrop garland. I bought two 9-foot packages, but have not yet decided if I will keep it for myself or use it at work.

I am leaning toward keeping it myself and doing my own tree in gingerbread men, cookies, and candy. We shall see. I made a lot of gingerbread men a few years ago, which are just too cute on a tree. I am planning to make more tomorrow. They are much more work than the blue jean stockings, so I need to get started. Oh, good, I found a picture to show you what they look like. The tree even has the star-shaped cookies on it.

Is anyone else starting to think about Christmas decorating?


  1. Do you get paid extra for doing those trees? If your hotel had to pay someone outside the firm to do that, they would have to shell out big bucks.

  2. Not decorating, but making seasonal cards, yes. I do crafty stamped cards on the years when I find time and energy, and this year looks like a good one!

  3. Kathy, tell me about it! No, not a cent in extra pay. And here I am spending my weekend getting ready to trim those trees. I am crazy, I know. I should take a day or two off work and come home and do this stuff.

    Jenn, do you make cards to send for Christmas? That sounds like it would be fun.

  4. Hey Zoey-welcome back to blogworld. I just had typed a long message and it vanished. So here I go again.
    I love your gingerbread man tree. For your hydrangea tree why not get some little blue or purple lights (maybe mixed with white) and some crystal ornaments or see through glass balls? I know Sam's Club or even Wally World has a big package for dirt cheap (sometimes).
    I would love a Victorian tree sometime. I am accumulating a bunch of Vic ornaments from 50%-75% off end of the season sales.
    Sean doesn't like themed trees. When he moves on, then I will go crazy.
    I also think you should get paid for your decorating skills.

  5. hmm, Brit. I just tried it and it worked. Maybe there was some internal problem when you tried?
    Dianne, I LOVE doing themed trees. I guess that is really the only kind I have done for the past 15 years. I can't tell you how many Hallmark Santa ornaments and Teddy Bear ornaments I have stored in the basement -- and I have not done either tree in 3 years! LOL. I just like change. I am always looking for different themed ideas. I love blue lights mixed with white (I have done that at home). I also like green lights mixed with white. And I have done the red lights with white at work. Not sure what lights I will use this year.

  6. NO decorating yet, but you have me inspired. I love the Jean stockings. Have been trying to think of something for my daughters class, and that could be just the ticket. Thanks for the inspiration.


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