Monday, August 8, 2005

Hi. My name is Zo & I am a Magazine Addict...

I get a lot of magazines. Today I got a renewal request from 'Country Gardens'. I really like this magazine, but I am not resubscribing. Why? Well, in their "this is your last issue unless you cough up the check" letter, they offer me a price of $33.97 for 2 years (only 8 issues). That's more than $4 an issue, which I consider a bit steep, but am willing to pay if it is a good read. As I flip thru the pages, one of many subscription cards falls out (usually I pull all of these annoying loose advertising cards out first and throw them all in the garbage without reading any of them). This time I pick it up curious to see what the price is. You guessed it -- LESS than what they want to charge me (a loyal subscriber for years). For only $26.97 (plus $3 postage & handling) anyone can get this magazine for 2 years. Oh, yes, that is another major peeve of mine - the new fad of listing a price in bold numbers and then in the small print adding plus $3 postage & handling. Sneaky!

Yes, I know I could let it expire and just send in the new subscription card, but that's not the point. They should be rewarding their loyal subscribers with the lower rate, NOT charging them more than anyone else.

I am but one person, but I must take a stand. I shall suffer thru the withdrawal symptoms. When I am overcome with the urge to read 'Country Gardens' I shall grab an issue of 'Backyard Living' or 'Birds & Blooms' instead -- I vow that I shall NOT resub to this magazine.

Yes, 'Country Gardens' has done what few magazines have done before--they have lost me as their customer-- and THAT is not an easy thing to do.........I am every magazine editor's dream--an "easy" sell.

If there was a "Magazine Addicts Anonymous" I would certainly be a member.


  1. Give em hell Zoey! You should email them and complain. I like Country Garden Magazine too but I don't suscribe anymore because I'm cheap. I just get Gardens West and Canadian Gardening. Oh and House and Home and Style At Home. I love magazines too!

  2. I'd be surrounded by my magazine addiction too....Country marketplace, Country sampler, People and Canadian gardening. LOL I think that if I could..I'd have a subscription to them all. I get them from the store when they come out. Yikes...too expensive, but hey, I'm an addict. LOL


  3. I too am a self confessed magazine-holic. I love Gardens West,Country Gardens, Backyard Solutions, Garden Deck & fact anything that shows a flower. My bank account runneth over into overdraft LOL

  4. Wow. What a great pic! Makes me feel like a novice.

    Your comment on how the magazine charges more for a certain clientele reminds me of an article I read in the Wall Street Journal - Hospitals in NY city actually charge MORE to folks who don't have insurance, to try and make up the deficit from what the insurance companies outright REFUSE to pay.

    And they don't pay. I went to the doctor. I have a $30 copay. The insurance company only paid half of the remaining bill. The sent me a statement to show me they had done this.

    I'm a little afraid to go back. It's embarrasing to me to be associated with this sort of behavior.

  5. Nice to see a 'frontal' of you my garden friend, though you are looking a bit overwhelmed there! I love magazines too. I use to get weeklies like People. I would get Woman's Day and Family Circle. I decided to only get magazines I really love like Martha Stewart Living and Instyle.
    Check out eBay too. I got a subscription to 'Lucky' (though a bit young for me, but I love the product recommendations) from an eBay seller for around $6.
    I would definitely write an email to Country Gardens about the difference in the prices. Ya never know what they will do. If they do nothing then YOU know what to do!
    I can also relate to the insurance company only paying a percentage of our bloodwork tests when I remember them paying more last year. I have to cough up $100. It really sucks because they take so much moola out of my husband's pay!

  6. It sounds like we gardeners are all mag addicts, too!

    Yes, insurance is truly a concern in this country. I don't know the answer, but something must be done-- and soon.

    Yes, Dianne, I am a bit overwhelmed there. That pic is not current - probably 2 years old. I was actually throwing away old magazines when DH took the pic. It just seemed to fit the post. I don't even look the same (shoulder length hair now for one thing).

  7. I thought I may have remembered seeing you on another post (quilting perhaps?) with longer hair. I thought you got a new do. ;)

  8. I was just considering subscribing to Garden, Deck, and Landscaping this morning. Now I'll check the number of issues per year and the postage/handling fee before sending in the card!

  9. I used to feel like I was being extravagant subscribing to Fine Gardening, but then I realized that even though the sub price was high, it was less than one good gardening book, covered more topics, and was more current with its information. Once I got that hangup out of the way, it was on to Garden Gate, Horticulture, Garden Design, etc.


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