Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bargain at the Farmer's Market

I had a nice day today. I was working outside at daybreak - I separated the big red daylily and some liatris (I was shamed into doing something with the liatris when I saw Sabine's beauties in bloom), moved a perennial cornflower that needed more sun and a little clump of painted daisies. About 8:00 am DH and I went to the local farmer's market where we got a couple of nice big tomatoes, some pattypan squash and some fingerling potatoes. It was "garage sale" day at the farmer's market and I bought 11 old quilt squares for only $2. I will probably make pillows out of them this winter to use outside next year.


  1. Truly a sign of the approaching fall I too am thinking of the half completed quilts I have and am getting ready to finish them up.


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