Tuesday, February 1, 2005


I am using the new Picassa program that Google recently released (free!) for these pictures collages. This program takes all of your photos from anyplace on your hard drive and puts them all in one place. I love it! Have you ever tried to find a picture, but can't remember where you saved it? This will end all those hassles. It is also super convenient for posting pics to your blog. Here is what it says on the Picassa site:

Picasa is software that makes it easy and fun to view, organize, edit and share the digital photos on your PC. Picasa won't delete your pictures or put them online without your permission.
The download itself contains only the Picasa 2 software. Picasa will not uninstall other programs or add any non-Picasa programs or files to your computer.

They have a page of system requirements which you may want to check to see if it will work on your system.

So far, I have very pleased with it.

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