Friday, August 3, 2012

Garden Update

Is it just me or does it seem like it's been a long week?  Usually weeks just fly by, so it's kind of nice for one to take its time.

I have not returned the Home Depot plants. I was all set to go after work and when I pulled out the receipt to make sure it was correct, it was from a purchase in May! Good thing I checked that before I got there. 

I have not done any work in any of the gardens all week.  Many of you  think I am always working out there, but I am not.  :)  I often go two weeks without doing any garden work (except watering the deck containers) . Now that the year is ending, I am not that particular about watering the perennials.
I did walk out to get a few pictures of flowers just coming in to bloom.

My butterfly bush is huge this year because I did not have to cut it back to the ground. I noticed the first butterfly yesterday.
One of the grasses in the rockwall garden has had seed heads for weeks now.
That's the butterfly bush in the background.

Echinops (globe thistle)
I am disappointed as there are not many of the lovely blue orbs this year.  The dahlias are in containers that I moved to the garden two weeks ago.  I really like the dark foliage of this dahlia.

Tropicanna is almost ready to burst open.

I had to return the Croc shoes from Amazon.  They were way too tight and too narrow, yet they were the same size I always get in regular Crocs.  That company is very inconsistent with their sizing.  I didn't like them anyway. They looked like an exceptional cheap shoe and they were totally flat. I thought they appeared to have a bit of a wedge in the picture.  What a nice surprise to find that Amazon had no charge for the return.

Here's hoping we all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Zoey, I am having problems with my gardening too. I am tired of watering but what can we do? I have had a few butterfly bushes and they have not survivied"me".:):) Smiles Susie

  2. I have grown weary of watering as well. Too much of it before. I really love that foliage on Tropicana.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. The globe thistle is a really cool plant. My kiddos would love that in our garden!

  4. I love those bushy butterfly bushes! Mine is huge too. Also too big is the Crepe Myrtle right in front of my kitchen garden window.
    I wish I had mulched a few months ago so I wouldn't see all the weeds I am seeing now. I don't think you use mulch, correct?
    Still waiting on the nasturtiums. They are trying their best to stay going in that hard soil.
    Sorry the crocs were a bust. I need to try shoes on myself as I am either a 7.5 or an 8.

  5. Sorry about the Croc's! I don't care much for them. I have a fake pair that I like better~

    Your gardens still look great and I love that butterfly bush- xo Diana

  6. Your garden always looks great to me. I like those globe thistles. My hardy hibiscus is finally blooming. I'll do a post on it next week.

  7. My globe thistles were very skimpy, but I grew them from seed and their only in their first year, so I've forgiven them!

  8. Hi Zoey, I like your Tropicana, your dahlias, and your globe thistle. You reallly do have lovely gardens.


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