Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thumbs UP for HD Returns, Buddelia Visitors & Peruvian Daffodil

I am happy to report that we did find the correct Home Depot receipt and I was able to painlessly return the two dead plants (scroll down a few weeks if you don't know what I am talking about).  The lady at the return desk did not hassle me at all. Thumbs up to HD!

My Buddelia bushes have been hosting dozens of attractive visitors.  I just went out and counted 12 butterflies and one hummingbird moth. I snapped pics of just a few visitors.
I have not seen a hummingbird yet, which is disappointing.  Most years I see hummers all the time.
This Peruvian daffodil is also a bit disappointing.  It has only one bloom. As lovely as it is, I was hoping for many more.

We have not gotten any of the rain predicted for the past week or so.  I finally had to go out after work today and spend about an hour watering the plants I recently moved in the main gardens.  I am only trying to keep them alive until it rains.  At this point I am pretty tired of caring for my plants.  Once my grass dies out, I have no desire to waste my energy caring for the gardens.  Without green grass, they do not look good. 

I do keep my deck containers watered. My Tropicanna whiskey barrels are looking good right now with their first blooms.
Up near the Tropicanna flower, you can see a dahlia that I inserted yesterday. I like to grow small containers of plants that I can use in my larger containers.  This dahlia is gold with red stripes. I think they are  perfect with the Tropicanna leaves.

That is about all the garden news in my parched Michigan garden.  I hope your garden is doing better.


  1. Great butterfly pics!

    I love your nasturtiums too.

  2. That last dahlia is just gorgeous. We had some rain last week and it looked like it would rain today but that never happened. I went out and started cutting things back today- A lot of my Stella de Oro lilies have died way back already...and I cut back all the irises-maybe I should have done that earlier? Anyway, I also cut the hollyhocks back and laid the seed pods along the big fence hoping they will self seed.

    I feel like I have missed most of a regular summer this year- xo Diana

  3. I am happy with the butterfly bushes this year too. You have some lovely visitors there.
    My potted plants looks the best. Your containers are gorgeous. We had a storm go through here a few days ago and didn't the wind knock down 3 of my best coleus. Rats. The other gardens are weedy.
    Have you heard of Sleeping Bear park? A local lady and her family are there on vacation and it looks awesome.

  4. The dahlia is beautiful. The rest of your flowers look great. You've been doing a great job of watering during the drought.

  5. It was 117° today in Phoenix, nothing in my yard looks good!

  6. I'll send you some of MY hummers-they fight all the time and are driving me crazy, whizzing by my head chasing each other.
    Your containers are really gorgeous.


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