Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just Discovered a Flower that Has Yet to Bloom

I just noticed some buds on one of the toad lilies that I planted this year.  It's always fun to find something new when you think the season has ended.

I also have another one of those weird double calla lily flowers like I had last year.
It is blooming way later than the others did. . . strange, but I like it with the yellow-centered orange dahlia behind.

These red Rembrandt dahlias are among my favorites:
 They are a very successful Breck's purchase from a few years ago. 
 I like the short stems, full pom pom shape and purple centers.
I have separated them a few times and now have quite a few of them.

It's been feeling like fall around here.  It's just 49 degrees right now!  We have been trying to spend a little time each afternoon  on the deck to enjoy the last few days of summer weather.
I will probably begin cutting down plants this week. It's a HUGE chore for me, so I like to start early.  Any of you started doing that yet?


  1. No I haven't started cutting back. I push it when I do it in Sept. :) I think we are all so tired this year that we are ready for it to end. I know I am.

  2. Love your deck, Zoey! Cutting plants back: well, normally I wouldn't be doing it this early. What I have done is get rid of the nigellas and larkspurs that are brown. My fall bloomers are still to come; most of my garden clean up will come after the first frost and then after the hard freeze. I am beginning to spread compost. Good luck on your garden work!

  3. 49 ? and hubby is drinking coffee in short sleeves! What a guy. Nice to see a pic of him!

    Keep warm!

  4. We hit 39 yesterday morning--that's the one bad thing about living near the center of the state. Your deck pots are amazing-You should be doing THAT for a living.......

  5. Nice to see a photo of your main squeeze-he looks good! That is fairly cool, but it's a tease too, correct?
    I can't wait to see the flower when it opens.
    I have cut down some weeds, not flowers yet. We sometimes get nice weather until October, so I'm in no hurry. We weeded out front, that's the last of that for the year for me.

  6. Zoey,

    My toad lilies look like they fried this year. I think they will bloom, but the leaves look pretty bad. Your containers on the deck look great.

    I have already started to cut down plants that are done.


  7. Your gardens continue to amaze me. I started cutting things down this past week- they have just taken a toll from the weather this year- it is time- xo Diana

  8. I concur your patio pots are outstanding! We finally got a break in the weather it was 101° during the day and we are getting some sorely needed rain as I type. As soon as the rain started our temps dropped to 89°. My plants look like they have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel; hopefully this rain will give them new life. In Arizona nothing grows in July and August all the plants can do is try to survive in the relentless heat much like the people to live here full time.


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