Monday, August 27, 2012

Huge Dahlia Work Containers

The planters I did at work turned out to be nothing like what I imagined.  I could not find any cannas to buy, so I brought in some of my own cannas and dahlias and calla lilies (already finished).  I had to take an educated guess (lots of time spent searching my blog for planters with the plants I wanted). I thought I planted the bold Tropicannas with dark striped leaves and purple Rembrandt dahlias.

Instead I got yellow daisy-like dahlias and green-leaved cannas...and boy, did I get them! Whoa, these plants must be on steroids!
I wanted the canna to dominate, but it is almost hidden by the dahlias.  It does have a nice flower when you get up close:

  The pink petunia is 'Bubblegum'.

Do you love the 'Fireworks' fountain grass?  I do!  Actually you cannot tell the difference between it and the regular purple fountain grass as most of the foliage is hidden.  I just love the soft hanging tails.

I bought some of the same grass for my own planters and they have barely grown. I hate when what I plant at work, looks better than the same stuff I plant at home. :(

The Persian shield is also dwarfed by the dahlias. It is so small that I could have eliminated it--ditto for the purple coleus next to it.

The Ipomea (sweet potato vine) is on the side and you cannot even see it from the front. I don't mind that. I kind of like it not taking over the entire front of the container. I have to keep cutting it back or it would be halfway out in the driveway.

Here is what this container looked like when freshly planted in May (you can only see the annuals as the plants I brought from home have not yet come up):

and I was worried that this planter was not full enough! :)

Yesterday I was looking through my wardrobe pics. I fill huge totes with off-season clothing and then I forget what I have.  I found some pics of this grey/orange outfit that I would like to wear again:
Unfortunately I cannot find the clothing!  I think I will be searching the basement totes this weekend.


  1. Wow, those planters surely are nice and full. Definitely some of the plants have more aggressive root systems and they tell you to keep them in pots. I'm thinking it would be interesting to see how the dahlias so in pots within pots.
    I like that outfit-I hope you can locate it. I keep my out of season clothes in the attic as my basement can get wet.

  2. Does your Boss know how luck he is to have an employee with plants just hanging around???

    I hope you find your clothes, cause I love Orange!!

  3. You did a great job on those planters and I love that fireworks fountain grass. I hope you find your outfit! I have things that when I dig them out I forgot I had them- xo Diana

  4. They look great and look like they are trying to spread out to another container. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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