Monday, August 13, 2012

New Hosta Garden all Planted

A few weeks back, I spent considerable  effort digging out this shady garden that never really looked good.  It was full of daylilies that I removed.

The area has been sitting bare until I had the time to remove all the hosta from these deck planters (pic taken two years ago).
I know they look pretty good here, but they really only look good for a few weeks after they come up each spring.  It is too sunny in this area and the leaves always burn.  They have also been here for a few years and it's time to rejuvenate this area.

Today was the day.  They were not easy to remove as the following picture will show.
We had to remove a layer of logs to get the shovel down deep enough.  They all came out in one big mass that took two of us to carry out of the planting box. Now we are left with this ugly  mess. 

We will fix it all up soon enough.  It was great to have perennials planted that just came up every year with no effort from me.  Now I hope it will be fun to come up with something different to grow here next year.  I think I will go back to annuals since the planting space is so limited.

I hacked them into manageable clumps, then planted all of them in this new hosta garden.  You can see the burned leaves on some of them.  Can you imagine how much it would have cost if I had to buy all of these plants?  It really pays to have a well established perennial garden.  I did not spend a cent to redo this area.
It was a lot of work!  I am happy to have finished this much today.  Rain is predicted tonight and that will be perfect as I was too pooped after all the heavy digging and lifting to drag the hose out.  I will probably use a pine needle mulch in this area.  I am not a fan of mulch in my other gardens because I move things too frequently.  But since I don't plan to plant anything else here, the mulch will work to hold in moisture for these water lovers.  Since the pine trees in this area will be dropping pine needles anyway, that will be the perfect mulch.

5:45pm update: DH has already put it all back together. I went around the deck and grabbed a few containers to stick in:

Now that was much easier than I expected it to be!


  1. By hacking the hostas, you mean you divided them, right? I usually hack anything I try to divide too! It never is easy.

    I love hostas. I had one a few years back that was in the wrong location as well. So I donated it to a local plant club that was raising money for the library. It was a lot of hard work! But instead of a thank you, I got a scolding for not dividing it. Needless to say, I didn't join their garden club.

    Your new garden of hostas will be gorgeous next spring. Good job!!

  2. Your fortunate to be able to grow hostas. I had such a beautiful variety of them in Illinois, but have not had luck with them here--my herd of DEER LOVE them(what's new?)

  3. LOL, Stacy. Yes, I mean divided them. I am never gentle when doing so. I just grab a shovel and take a whack. :)

    I have had a couple of deer-free years with my hostas. Some years they eat them to the ground over night. I think my last herd must have gotten killed during hunting season. Fingers crossed that another bunch don't find me this winter.

  4. And a good job Zoey! The hostas look great in their new space.
    You have such fun with your plants..and a sore back:)

  5. It looks so good, Zoey~ I love how your new bed looks. It will be fun to have a new annual spot near the house- xo Diana

  6. It looks awesome!!!! I can relate to this post because I find myself moving things around all the time! It is the art of gardening! Great work!!

  7. The new hosta garden and the planters look great. I love that old piece of wood in the hosta garden!

  8. I really like Hostas and yours will fill in nicely where you put them. I agree, the coleus and canna make a nice, colorful change in those boxes.

  9. Love the changes Zoey. Your Hosta garden will come in next year wonderfully. Your box planters look beautiful and will do so much better in that full sun location.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  10. That was a great idea to move the hostas to your bed. That bed looks so good Zoey. I like the containers in planters by the steps. Just think of all the different containers you can add to keep changing them up with the seasons.


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