Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dahlia Garden Bouquet

I made a dahlia garden bouquet today.  I had planned to make many other garden bouquets this year. Once again the time zoomed by and I did not make more than two the whole season.

This bouquet has a bit of almost everything left in my garden.

A bit of Lamb's Ear...

some phlox... even some daylily seed pods...

a few sprigs of Sedum Autumn Joy, three hosta leaves, 3 Buddelia flowers, some chartreuse coleus and some silver artemesia.

Together all these bits from my garden turned into this dining room table bouquet:

Now I am off to put the second coat of paint on a picture frame.  It was on my "to do" list for this weekend--truth be told it has been on my weekend "to do" list quite a few times.
 I am so happy that it will finally be done!

After that I plan to sit on the deck for a short time to enjoy all those butterflies before I have to get ready for a family event later this afternoon.

All in all it's been a great Sunday. Hope yours is, too.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I have quite a few of those "things to do" frames, too! Enjoy your Sunday-xo Diana

  2. Oh Zoey that is really beautiful. You are so good at things like this.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Stunning! I love your Dahlias.....mine bloomed okay this year but boy, are they ever short for some reason......

  4. that is a beautiful arrangement Zoey....good job...

  5. Gorgeous bouquet! I too have some frames to be painted..maybe you have spurred me on to get it done!

  6. What a wonderful idea Zoey. I think you bouquet is so beautiful.


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