Monday, July 30, 2012

Dahlias Tumble and Surprise Seed Survives

These dahlias took a tumble after the rain last week.
So I cut them down to use for a centerpiece on the deck table.

I did a double take when I noticed this hyacinth bean vine beginning to climb the arbor!
Out of the whole pack of seeds, just two survived. I gave up hope that anything would become of the two tiny plants. Now I wonder...this is growing fast. I should still have a good two months of nice weather. Do you think it could possibly produce a bloom or two? 

The liatris in both barrels has been blooming for a while.  I really like it with the pink coneflowers.
I never had any luck with liatris when I planted it in the ground. It always died out.  My thumb became much greener when I stuck them in the whiskey barrels.  They love it there, increasing twofold each year. 

Here is a shot from the backside. I was actually taking a picture of the moon.

  Can you see it between the trees at the top? It looked more impressive in real life. :)

I don't have much luck with coneflowers grown in the ground either. I  tried for years and they never returned.  When I put this path in a few years ago, I finally found a spot they liked.  I think these have survived for three years. 

That's a record for me! They have not multiplied, but at least they grow and bloom. I am happy with that.

I did not feel like watering the deck containers when I got home from work. There is a chance of rain tonight, so I am betting on that.  I also did not feel like remaking the second set of curtains for the family room.  I just have no enthusiasm to do these things after I have worked all day.  It's not like my work is physically exhausting, but my energy evaporates from noon 4:00 p.m., it's gone. 

I have not yet made it to Home Depot to return the nearly-dead plants. I am hoping to do that tomorrow after I spend another two hours at the dentist...then again, maybe not. It will be after 4:00 p.m. when I get out of the dentist chair and my mouth will still be frozen.  Upon further thought, odds are high that I won't be going tomorrow.


  1. Really lovely Zoey. The pitcher of flowers is beautiful. My Liatris didn't come back this year after fading little by little each year. Had forgotten them until you just brought them up.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I'm beginning to think I have to put most of my flowers in the vegetable garden (fenced) or in tubs on the deck to keep those stupid deer away from them. Your coneflowers look very happy where they are now. I will show my nipped off ones what GOOD coneflowers look like-LOL!

  3. You have so many beautiful flowers to choose from..your cut flowers look amazing!
    I don't blame you for not having too much extra energy..but I guess you can't goof off too often can you:)

  4. I think you will have no problem with the vines producing flowers. Mine were hardy until a hard frost hit last year.
    Every looks great-blooming so nicely for you.
    I'm not happy with my flowers, except the ones in pots. I should have been weeding today, but I did a little dusting and tidying.

  5. End of Sept...very bushy!


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