Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Family Room Items

First of all, thanks to those of you who said I should return the Home Depot Duds.  I knew they had a year guarantee, but I did not save the receipt.   I never dreamed the plants would die within the month! 

When DH got home today, I asked him if he had saved that receipt.  Much to my surprise, he did!  I had no idea he saved receipts. (Sorry, ladies he's taken)  :)

 I plan to return them this weekend and I really hope they have the same plants, so I can exchange them.  Since I now know the root system is lacking, I will water accordingly.  I will let you know how easy it is to return them.  I have never actually toted a dead plant to a customer service desk to ask for a refund.  I think they count on people not feeling comfortable doing that.  I would prefer to just toss them, but I feel I have a principle to uphold here.

On to my family room....I have finally received all of the items I ordered in May.  I was told the pillows would be fast, about 10 days. HA! It was more like 10 weeks.  I was in no hurry, so it did not really matter.  I got four pillows in this fabric:
The pillows are larger than I expected, but I do like them. 

I originally ordered the ottoman in the same fabric as the pillows, but after thinking about it for a few hours, I called them back and told the salesman I wanted it in the exact fabric as the sofa. I did not want to be stuck with a floral print that I would hate in a few years.

I am happy with that decision.   I can now just change pillows and a few accessories and have a new color scheme. 

I just bought those orbs today. 

I stopped at Big Lots prior to a dental appt. and I found those as well as this large metal clock.

I had a two-hour dentist appointment for  Periodontal Scaling and root planing. I bet many of you have had that done.  This is my second time in the last ten years. I had two quadrants done at one time today and it took eight shots in the mouth (5 on the top and 3 on the bottom) to numb everything.  It is common for me not to get numb on the first shot.  The shots have all worn off now and my mouth is hardly sore at all.

 I am thrilled to show you this:

It is pouring rain right now! YES!  (I have left those Crocs outside for the past 10 days waiting for a good rain to clean the garden soil off.)

Speaking of Crocs, I ordered this pair from Amazon early this morning:

Since I ruined my feet by wearing heels for 30 years, I find that Crocs are the only casual shoe I can wear to walk for more than 5 minutes. I have had to learn to love them. :)  While my heart still says 3-inch heels, my pain level goes with cushioned flats.  It's not fun to get old! I have never tried this style, but I am hopeful that it will be just as comfy as the original holey Crocs.

Not counting the dental procedure, I have had a good day. I hope you did, too!


  1. What a day- dentist and all! I saw a guy bringing in a whole cart of dead firs last year at HDepot. I wondered if I would have ever had the guts to do that. Let us know how it goes- xo Diana

  2. Duh-I forgot to mention they take returns, no problem. I brought in a dead cherry tree. I felt like an idiot. Next time, hubby gets to do the returning.

  3. I'm loving those shoes you just got! And we got a good rain last night too..we sure needed it.
    Ooh boy a dentist visit but all sounds okay now..good for you.
    About returning those plants, a good thing no matter what anyone there thinks. How else are they to know that they sell duds!

  4. Zoey, I can't wear high heels any more either..I have arthritis in my if I wear anything besides walking shoes/sneakers..I pay for it. I love my dentist..but hate going:( Take care, smiles to you, Susie

  5. Home Depot would probably have believed you without the receipt. I hate hearing about the dentist, goes back to my childhood.


  6. Oh Zoey you poor dear after that dental appt, you deserve a new pair of shoes, maybe even a purse, and a blouse to two.
    Come and visit me, there is a croc shoe outlet about 35 minutes from my house!
    You are so blessed to be getting rain! For the first time in weeks it is forcasted here tomorrow, I am not holding my breath.

  7. love those pillows...I've never seen those crocs...I bet they are comfy...I tend to wear flip flops all summer...

  8. Yes, it's your money...never feel funny about returning anything.
    I've had most dental procedures done, but not those! I don't like having my whole mouth numb. You are brave.
    Your new family room items are lovely and so modern-orbs are neat. I have some glass ones.

  9. The clock is a great match for the sofa!! love it all!!

  10. First of all congratulations on the rain. We still haven't had any. It just seems to go all around us.
    I think you make a good decision ordering the ottoman in the same fabric as the sofa.
    I hope you have an easy time returning the dead plants and that they have the same ones.
    Have a good weekend.


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