Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rain Lilies, Lavender & Beginning a New Path

 Earlier this week my lavender began to bloom.

I left the metal orb behind it out all winter and these red lilies decided to come right up through one section.

 I like when things happen by chance and turn out better than if I had planned it.

I was gone for two days and when I came home yesterday, I was thrilled to see that one rain lily (zephyranthes) bloomed.  As the common name implies, it popped out right after a heavy rain. 

These lilies are very special because they came through the mail from my good blog friend,   Patti in Missouri.   Patti has been growing these since her husband's grandmother gave them to her in the 1970's. Three generations of Missouri women have grown these flowers and now they have bloomed in my Michigan garden. Patti, thanks again. I love them!

Today is my last day off work. I am planning to drag DH out in just a few minutes to help me install the 400 pounds of pavers for the new path. Three days ago I dug up plants and moved all the pavers to the approximate position for the path.

From my bedroom window you can see where I have put the pavers for the path.

He will have to dig down about 3 inches and level the pavers.  He is much better at that than I am.   Once he is done with that I get to have all the fun or designing & planting the area.  I just move plants from other gardens.  I hear him getting dressed, so I had better get out there. I can't let him have all the fun! :)

10:30 a.m Update:
The path is done. DH did another fine job making square pavers form a curve. It looks like a big backwards question mark.
As you can see, the sun is casting all kinds of shadows, so please forgive the poor pic.  I left a few things in the center until I decide just what I want to plant here.  I did plant one big Alberta Spruce tree right at the center curve.  I will update this once I take a pic of it.

While he was hard at work laying the path, I was working just as hard trimming this huge spirea bush. I think I removed about half of the shrub.

3:30 p.m. update:
Here is the pic with the Alberta Spruce:

Who knows where I will end up going from here...I am waiting for inspiration.


  1. That is already looking good. You've been really working hard this year, but it's sure paying off in your gardens.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I love paths in the garden. Your garden looks so colorful, would love to take a walk down one of those paths.


  3. I have no idea how you get so much done with the heat we've been having. It broke yesterday here and I'll tell ya, I was OUTSIDE every second to enjoy it. And survey the deer damage!

  4. Oh my word! You two have been busy! I love the look of the paths and of course they are functional as well since you don't have to look at your plants from way over on the side. I have some flagstones out front here. They add a certain charm to your garden too.

  5. Zoey- It looks so beautiful. How wonderful that your hubby helps you out by doing some of the digging and heavy work. I wish MyHero had some interest in gardening. I swear he thinks green beans are raised in the back shelves of the grocery store..and he has NO interest in putting a shovel to Earth.

    I can't wait to see it all green and the question mark shape- xo Diana

  6. I see more rain lilies in your future this week too, cause I spy more!
    Our 11 days of over 100 degree temps finally broke yesterday. Last night we got 2 inches of rain. Can you say Humid today!
    Your gardens are beautiful!


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